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11/20/2015 10:05 am  #1

edible mushrooms

Has anyone ever collected canterelles on APP? They are edible mushrooms, growing under pines, but also in open hardwood forests, especially if there's oak trees. They are a delicY to me, but have never been able to find any. Liking warm falls, this fall would have been to their liking. For those that know, you can identify them by physical checking them, but they also have a spicy smell, particular to canterelles. They are easy to find in Europe, but as I stated earlier, never found them here yet.
Let me know if someone has found them!


11/20/2015 3:23 pm  #2

Re: edible mushrooms

I collect Chanterelles every summer in the Ottawa, Gatineau Hills area. Quite a delicacy in traditional German cuisine. They are known as Pfefferling in German because of their peppery flavor (pfeffer meaning pepper).  I see many of them in AP also, I just don't pick them there, not sure if it is allowed or not. I usually start seeing them around mid July ending around mid August. They are quite abundant in the Grand Lake Achray area.


11/20/2015 4:11 pm  #3

Re: edible mushrooms

Thanks! But  I haven't been up achrAy area yet, as I live in southern Ontario and that's a long haul for me. Now it's definitly on my list, and as I usually go in the last week of August or early September maybe I'll still get lucky. Can't wait to taste them again.

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