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7/29/2019 7:04 pm  #1

Powdered eggs

Hi all,

Looks like Hoosier Hill Farms is no longer selling their crystalized whole eggs on

Does anyone have a recommendation for powdered eggs?



7/30/2019 7:25 pm  #2

Re: Powdered eggs

We found the happy yak omelettes amazing. Great taste, and not rubbery, easy to rehydrate. Taste was very good. Not sure if it comes in anything different then the packaged sizes. 1 person size omelette was large.
MEC sells the happy yak egg powder ( different then the omelettes) as well. Check out happy yaks website, lots of real great tasting meals.
Hope it helps.


7/30/2019 10:31 pm  #3

Re: Powdered eggs

Thanks, that's very helpful. At $4/6 eggs, it's a pretty good deal.

I do miss the crystallized Hoosier Hill eggs tho 


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7/30/2019 11:25 pm  #4

Re: Powdered eggs

Hmmmm, powdered eggs in a wrap with some spicy bean mix. I bet that would be good ... and don’t forget the cheese!

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8/19/2019 10:13 am  #5

Re: Powdered eggs

This is terrible news! I love the Hoosier Hill eggs for baking. I've never actually used them for straight up breakfast but they are perfect to make cakes, muffins, cornbread, etc in the backcountry. 

The HappyYak option will work with baking but if anyone has any other leads, let me know!

For others interested, our friends made us a homemade breakfast casserole that was awesome. She made a fairly standard breakfast casserole with ground pork sausage (not in sausage form), shredded hashbrowns, onions and eggs. After it was cooked, she dehydrated the whole thing. Looked pretty gross once it was re-hydrated but it tasted amazing!


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