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7/13/2019 8:44 pm  #1

Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

I was just alerted with the following article about 2 teens last seen near Rainbow Lake on the WUT:

Details are sketchy - I'd be most curious about their trip plan or at least which direction they were travelling in when last seen. I know there's a couple spots where one may more possibly lose the trail, namely Otterpaw Creek at the top of the 2nd loop and another spot by a pond that I think is a bit east of East End Lake. As a parent of a teenage daughter, this really hits home, and I hope the girls are found to be safe and sound...


7/14/2019 12:00 pm  #2

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

The girls are still missing.

I read on another forum that they went missing after spliting from a larger group.

"They went missing after they split of with a bigger group. This is at a polish camp for oboz. Aka polish scouts."


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7/14/2019 6:47 pm  #3

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Thanks for posting this info Ron. I found some additional info on Facebook - apparently they were last seen somewhere between Rainbow and Susan Lake - it would be really helpful to know which direction they were travelling in, but I can't find that anywhere. Sounds like volunteers are now encouraged to search:

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7/14/2019 8:12 pm  #4

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Sounds strange to me. They have been missing some time for such extensive searching .  Assuming they want to be found .  Such young people should be carrying flares . Are they too daft to start a signal fire .


7/14/2019 8:49 pm  #5

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

John, What will end up disgusting is the amt of money spent by the opp and others because someone though these girls competent to hike alone. And part of that is equipment like flares ,matches etc.


7/14/2019 9:19 pm  #6

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Do you or others not find it odd that two people cannot be found in a small area searched by a plane and helicopter plus ground searchers with dogs ?


7/14/2019 9:42 pm  #7

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Having been a part of several ground searches for missing people I can say that it can be extremely difficult to find someone in even the best of conditions.  Lets try not to cast judgement here and just wish for a safe return of these two young girls.


7/14/2019 10:08 pm  #8

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

There lies the problem. Too many emotional types and not enough competent trip leaders and/or campers. Like the 15 yr old who drowned last yr on big trout who could not swim. Yet the opp say these girls had some experience and equipment .Something doesn't mesh here . I don't see w here compassion needs enter the story - not yet anyway


7/14/2019 10:54 pm  #9

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

his name escaped me . now you're just looking to slander me


7/14/2019 11:55 pm  #10

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

You don't know me from a hole in the wall. And psychopath ? You're way out of line . I'm looking to see these tragedies don't happen again . All you want to do is hand out the kleenex


7/15/2019 12:57 am  #11

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

i just scype messaged an old canoe partner who is giving lectures in Slovakia this week ,about this case . He is also baffled by it and wonders if they were attacked by a bear. Something i never thought of. But if injured they may not be able to signal rescuers . But having a friend with hound dogs i can tell you their  bark carries like you wouldn't believe and these girls ought be able to hear them .  And they are relentless while tracking a scent . Even to the point of self bodily harm. The same breed can be seen on the mountain man tv  series chasing and treeing cougars . How far could these teen girls get ?


7/15/2019 6:54 am  #12

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7/15/2019 7:05 am  #13

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

All I can say Antman, is WOW!
you do realize that MOST organizations DO NOT allow youth to carry pyrotechnics???? Also having hiked in Algonquin, the Daks, and the Rockies, I can tell you that there is absolutely no comparison! Algonquin is DENSE bush with 200 years of abandoned logging roads, portages, and even traplines that may look like a major trail for a few hundred meters, then disappear without a trace. In spots it is so dense that a yell only carries a few hundred yards.  Add in impassible ravines, ridges, marshes, and streams, and you've got a logistical nightmare, even with technology!
Flir is straight line and can't see into ravines or under overhangs, dogs wouldn't last more than a few hours in that heavy bush, and you can walk within 10 meters of them without knowing it!


7/15/2019 7:51 am  #14

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

There are so many unknowns and variables in this situation. I'm with John, Steve and Scoutergriz on this. Let's save the conjecture and just hope for a good outcome.


7/15/2019 8:14 am  #15

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

If they're off trail, and I assume they must be, then they're definitely in trouble. Finding your way back to a trail or logging road once you've gotten turned around is unlikely, as are the chances of being found in dense bush. I don't know the hiking trails at all, but a check of logging operations and satellite views tells me there's not much around there other than the hiking trail itself, unless they end up a few kilometers east on the road by Potter's creek. 16 years old... they must be terrified. I hope they're found, alive and well. 

Adding my own support for having empathy, rather than judging a couple of kids having the most frightening experience of their lives.


7/15/2019 8:33 am  #16

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Antman, your comments disappoint me, we've all made mistakes and to think that a couple of 16 year old girls are carrying flares boggles my mind. 

The bush in Algonquin is definitely a tough place to navigate, I got disoriented bushwhacking between wagtail lake and the crow river for an hour or so about 5 years and it is terrifying. Hope they find these girls. 


7/15/2019 8:34 am  #17

Re: Missing teens last seen on Western Uplands

Hi all,

I haven't posted in a while, but still have been lurking around. There are two things I really love about this forum:

1. The high degree of expertise about the greatest park in the world!!

2. The sense of community here. There are a lot of forums closing down in favour of FB/IG, and I'm sad about that. This forum is a great resource that will be very difficult to replicate in a social media format.

We have all made silly and careless mistakes, generally without consequence. It's possibly these girls were unprepared, or maybe they were not. Passing judgement will not make a difference in the best case scenario, and will make one look like a huge jackass down the line in the worst case scenario. Ultimately, it's somewhat useless.

However, as a community with a great deal of experience and expertise we can use this as an opportunity to make a difference.

If you have hiked the area, think about possible wrong turns. If you have an opportunity, think about volunteering. If you have financial means, consider donating to the rescue effort.

This is an opportunity for us to come together as a community, to help fellow adventurers in need.

Again, thanks to everyone for being so awesome and particularly thanks to the senior members for keeping this thing going.

Look forward to seeing you all in the park.



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