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11/16/2015 1:34 pm  #1

Non Reservable Sites

So now that sites are reservable in Mew Lake during the Winter season I am wondering what the policies are regarding the non reservable sites.
Say we were to arrive Dec 29th planning on staying 3 nights, would we be able to select 1 of the non reservable sites for the 3 days or would I have to be in line early each day hoping to keep my site?
The only time I have stayed in a developed campground has been in the Winter.


11/16/2015 1:46 pm  #2

Re: Non Reservable Sites

Even in the summer there are a few non-reservable sites in each campground. If you show up and claim one, you can claim it for multiple days and stay for that length of time. No need to rush for it each morning, it's yours for however many nights you paid up front for it.

This means that if you make a last-minute decision to go frontcountry camping on a popular summer weekend but find that every site is taken, you might not have much luck showing up early on saturday morning to try to claim a non-reservable site, since someone will likely have come on friday (or thursday, or wednesday) to claim it for the whole weekend.

Anyway, I don't speak for the park of course but I'd assume it's the same in the winter.


11/16/2015 2:49 pm  #3

Re: Non Reservable Sites

Thanks Dan, that is what I understand the policy to be as well but I know others have had problems in the past.
I believe Sweede had a problem at Cannisbay where he arrived early, set up and was one of the first in line and was told that there were no sites available including the one he was on. I may have the details wrong but if I recall he ended up leaving.
Guess I am hoping for a first hand experience with the system.

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11/16/2015 4:46 pm  #4

Re: Non Reservable Sites

1)  hi,, sure did have probs,,, non res site,,staying at c-bay,, for four nights,,tues to fri. on day five i went to the office at 10:30 a.m. to add days, only to be told that my site was rented for the rest of the weekend and that i had to go, because i shoulda been at the office sooner,,,,i was also told that c-bay was now fully booked up. i had no where to go but home, all car campgrounds were fully booked or closed for the season ,, the last week of sept and the  weather was great (2014) . and  two of the three campgrounds  at c-bay were closed for the season??? after i left i found out that the non hydro sites campground were opened!  i have not been back since.
2)   another time ,,, i left brent very late one night and pulled into mew at 3:30am. a punk warden wakes me at 8 am looking for my permit.  i go to the office to pay for the night ,or more like it my 4.5 hour stay. the gate keeper charged me before midnight the past day and after midnight for the night i stayed? works out to a 2 day charge for a 4.5 hour stay. she kept saying that the computer is right no way around it. computers are  only as smart as the operators that use them. a computer does not have the ability to reason . i think i coughed up $70.00 for the 4.5 hours. i have not been back since. 
3) other times getting parking tickets 30 bucks a  pop while winded on interior lakes (thanks lyle) 


11/16/2015 4:56 pm  #5

Re: Non Reservable Sites

Sounds annoying swede, I'm sorry those things happened, but the Canisbay experience doesn't contradict the system as I (and Rob) understand it. If you went "on day five ... to add days" I take it you had originally registered/paid for 4 nights, during which you were given no problems, and tried to add more at 10:30 am on what would have been your check-out day, but someone had gotten to the office earlier, and since you had not at that point registered for that night the campsite was deemed available and this other person got it. The unfortunate part is that they gave you incorrect info about other options.

Can't really explain the Mew Lake situation in number 2 though...

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