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11/06/2018 9:00 pm  #1

Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

After a great trip this time last year on Sec Lake with my dad, we figured we'd head back again this year.  We don't get to that area of the park very often so it's a nice change of scenery from the corridor and west side.  We headed up at 5 am on Nov 1 and arrived about 5 1/2 hours later.  The park was practically deserted short of a few hunt camps around the park perimeter (I'm assuming on Crown Land).  We stayed at the site you can pretty much drive to which was nice as we could bring some more creature comforts from home.  My dad is in his 70's and is a real trooper but we both have come to appreciate some of the comforts when camping. 

It was a mixed bag of weather with highs around 4 and low around -4.  Lots of drizzle and a few flurries but we had our site covered with a monster tarp so we were fine.  We also tried bringing a chainsaw for the first time to help with the processing of wood.  I have to say it made things a ton easier (I have back issues and sawing just kills it). 

We did have an issue with mice on the site as they seemed to be into everything.  One night at about 4 am my truck alarm went off.  It woke me out of a sound sleep and my heart was pounding as I ran to it only to find nothing disturbed.  This happened the next night as well and it finally hit me that I had a mouse (or mice) in my truck and it was setting off the sensors... I fully expected to get to my truck to find it either broken into or destroyed by a bear lol...

Anyway here are some pics!

I made a cover for our fire pit (I made it a few trips ago) so when it rains the fire doesn't get wet.  It also works really well as a place to dry out wet firewood..It's not light but allowed us to stay under our tarp and have a roaring fire in the pouring rain!

I had in my head an image I wanted to get from the top of the Barron Canyon at night.  My dad and I hiked up just before dark and brought coffee, snacks and extra layers ready for a long shoot.  It was so nice to sit quietly and watch the last bit of light of day disappear and the cloak of darkness fall over the valley and river below....

The set up just before sunset:


For the life of us we couldn't figure out why these mushrooms were placed in precarious spots up in the trees.  Then we watched a little industrious red squirrel pick them and run them up and place them...never seen this before!

I slept in my hammock again and every night I'm amazed at how good I sleep in this thing.  Again having back issues, the hammock is just total comfort...I have a winter rated down underquilt I use and a down bag on top...

Enjoying a little Drambuie around the fire...life is good!

Last year my dad made this diy reflector oven so we tested it out again this year.  We made lasagna one night and pizza the next.  The thing worked amazingly well so it really opens up a whole other world of things you can cook!

Always love the colours of the Tamarack's late fall...they really stand out once the other leaves have fallen off the maples and stuff...

Anyways another trip in the books...now dreaming of January or February and time to break out the hot tent   Thanks for looking!



11/06/2018 9:26 pm  #2

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

That's an incredible photo! If you ever need a test subject for some new shots in the backcountry, I'll be here.. park permit fees on me lol

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11/06/2018 10:17 pm  #3

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

Thanks! Lol I'll keep that in mind if I need more models!

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11/07/2018 7:34 am  #4

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

Just breathtaking!  I'm planning on building a grill at home next spring from brick - the reflector oven stimulated a thought to create a nook on the side in firebrick to allow baking pizzas, bread, etc.  Thanks for the stimulant!


11/07/2018 7:57 am  #5

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

Thanks PaPaddler   I have to say we were pretty amazed at how well the reflector worked.  And lets face it, experimenting and taking time to cook a meal around the fire is kind of half the fun!

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11/07/2018 10:20 am  #6

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

Love the pictures, especially that night shot. I'd love to work on learning how to do that, but I'm still on my first pass through pictures from our summer trip and only up to day 3 of 10 for that.  

We had the squirrels at the cottage storing mushrooms in a back of clothes pins hanging up outside. We brought the bag in for the winter, but left the mushrooms on a ledge over top of a window in the same area. 


11/07/2018 11:52 am  #7

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

WOW!!! Just fantastic pictures!


11/07/2018 1:16 pm  #8

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

That night shot is spectacular. Great pics, thanks for sharing


11/07/2018 10:10 pm  #9

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

Thanks guys

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11/08/2018 12:49 am  #10

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

Beautiful pictures as always. The shot of the canyon at night could be a post card. I enjoyed the pictures of your trip last year too, including your father's idea for the oven. My friends and i tried our luck making one and it worked great! So thanks for the pictures and your dad's great idea/engineering, hope to see more.


11/12/2018 3:29 pm  #11

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

UP_the_Creek, thank you I really appreciate that! 

Here's another shot (reverse angle) from our time at the top of the Barron Canyon...


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11/12/2018 6:13 pm  #12

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

RATs.  You beat me to it Steve.  I've been hesitating as I think that it is moose season right now in that area.
I'm thinking of going in this Sunday for 3 or 4 nights.
What's your thoughts or anybody else's for that matter.
Thanks and great photos as usual.

It's not the age nor the strength of the body that's important, it's strength of spirit that counts.

11/12/2018 6:17 pm  #13

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

Well there were a fair few hunters out and about.  We came across different 3 piles of moose remains (skulls, fur, legs) in different spots on our hikes that looked very freshly put there by hunters (all inside the park).   You could hear gunshots every now and then as well. 

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11/13/2018 9:44 am  #14

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

Beautiful Photography as usual, great part of the park.  Nice report too.


11/13/2018 6:00 pm  #15

Re: Another 6 Days on Sec (Pics)

Thanks Doug!  Really is a great area...

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