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10/30/2018 9:02 pm  #1

Sand Dunes - Lake Traverse

Does anyone know anything about the area on Jeff's Map noted as "Sand Dunes"?  Sounds and looks like an interesting area...just wondering if anyone has explored this area?



10/31/2018 7:51 am  #2

Re: Sand Dunes - Lake Traverse

Pages 21/22 and 46 of the link below have specific mentions of the glaciofluvial deposits in the area.  Ultimately, the entire region is geologically defined by glaciation and the combined scouring and depositional actions associated with the process.  There is mention of sand deposits around Traverse and Opeongo to depths of 10 meters...while they may not match the common idea we think of as a "sand dune" they ultimately are deep sand deposits.  That's the best I could find in a brief search.

Pre-dating the glaciation was the existence of "Lake Algonquin" which comprised parts of lakes Michigan, Huron and Superior as well as much of Algonquin Park - if those others are "great lakes", Algonquin was a "Mega Lake"!  Some of the sediment and sand deposits associated with that lake still exist in areas of Algonquin park (and its eventual draining created the spectacular canyon of the Barron River).



10/31/2018 7:58 am  #3

Re: Sand Dunes - Lake Traverse

That's great info PaPaddler thanks for sharing!

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10/31/2018 8:15 am  #4

Re: Sand Dunes - Lake Traverse


11/01/2018 11:12 am  #5

Re: Sand Dunes - Lake Traverse

I love their bushlog...they do such a great job conveying history, observation and science sprinkled with wry wit.


11/01/2018 1:35 pm  #6

Re: Sand Dunes - Lake Traverse

Thank you Scott and PaPaddler for your good words - we're very pleased that you enjoy our web site.

Steve, I'm not sure what sort of information would be useful to you.  If you are planning to camp at Lake Traverse there is certainly lots to look at if you poke around a bit.

With regard to the area of dunes marked on Jeff's map east of Lake Traverse, I can't say much about it as we have not specifically investigated on the ground.  However, we both recall the landscape there from 40+ years ago (Bob's memories farther back than mine) when it was essentially denuded of trees due to clearcutting and/or forest fires.  It was all open rolling terrain with a covering of blueberry bushes, sweet fern, etc.  Now, of course, it is all forested, but due to the sand the forest is fairly open with not a lot of underbrush.  If the view from the road is anything to go by, a bit of bushwhacking could be possible and perhaps not too difficult.

The marked dunes area is separated from most of the campsites on the east side of the lake by some swampy stuff, so not easily accessible from there.  The site of the former Pembroke Lumber Company is close to the west side of the dune area and is worth a visit for itself as well as walking through some typical sandy areas.  There is a campsite on it, plus two more along the nearby beach, and can be reached either from the water or by walking from the main road along the old road (not vehicle accessible) to the site.  The walk is a good hike and goes through typical (i.e. sand and jackpine) terrain of the area. https://www.mcelroy.ca/bushlog/20101006.html

While not particularly relevant, I just have to mention my favourite set of dunes on the Petawawa Sand Plain, visible along the north side of Highway 17 between Chalk River and the entrance to the Petawawa Research Forest at Clouthier Road.  The dunes are very regular and perpendicular to the highway, and were neatly cut to build the highway so are quite obvious, even on Google Street View.  There are also some dunes along Forestry Road east of Chalk River, though less easy to see than the ones beside the highway.

OK, enough rambling.  Have a good trip, whatever you decide to do.


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11/06/2018 10:19 pm  #7

Re: Sand Dunes - Lake Traverse

That's great info thanks so much for sharing!  We actually just got back and didn't end up making it to that specific area.  We hiked all around little roads and trails off the road into Traverse so we'll have to scope that area out next time.  Thanks again for the info!

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