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9/11/2018 1:49 pm  #1

Tarp Material

What is everyone using for their tarp (specifically what material)? I'm looking at a new winter tarp for my hammock and looking at a Silpoly 1.1 for material.  I'm a bit nervous about durability as this is considerably lighter weight than my current tarp.


9/11/2018 9:01 pm  #2

Re: Tarp Material

I have way too many tarps, maybe.

Warbonnet Thunderfly 11' x 10' silpoly 20D 
Little Shop of Hammocks Razor Hex tarp in silpoly
Warbonnet Cloudburst tarp in silnylon 30D
CCS Tundra 10' x 10' in silnylon
Aquaquest 20' X 13' in 40D silnylon with PU coating too.

 Too soon to tell about long term durability, but I haven't noticed any difference so far in the short term durability. I've had the LSOH tarp out maybe 11-12 nights (including some major wind events) and the Thunderfly out maybe 8-9 nights since i bought them. No problems with either (though the Warbonnet is cut and finished a bit better). The sil-poly seems to be much the same as the nylon except it is less stretchy, and absorbs less water, so it keeps its tautness and shape once set (doesn't sag overnight like silnylon). I'm very happy with it for that reason.

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9/12/2018 6:25 am  #3

Re: Tarp Material

Hey Steve, 

What are you using now? Honestly, I assumed everyone uses silnylon. 

I've used the Silnylon 1.1 Oz CCS 10x12' as my primary shelter for 4 years, we're probably looking at about 100 nights. Looks same as new. I do keep it away from fires, and I do pitch in sheltered areas during storms.

I'm a huge fan:
1) multiple loops across the ridge line, I think it really helps distribute the force during windstorms. 
2) multiple loops along the edges. 
3) the 10x12' size. I wouldn't go smaller. I think 12x12 would be even better. Larger would start having problems with finding enough room to pitch.



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9/12/2018 7:44 am  #4

Re: Tarp Material

Thanks guys..I'm currently using a 70D fly but not sure the material as it's at least 10-15 years old.  I've been doing a ton of reading and the consensus seems to be that silpoly is the material of choice for most folks now.  Having said that it is not quite as durable as silnylon (but has no stretch or sag and sheds water better)...I"m just used to a beast of a tarp that I've never worried about and the tarp I'm looking at is going to cost me close to $350 US so I'm nervous about damage.

FYI the tarp is a Simply Light Designs Winter Haven.  Going to go with the 12 foot model, Silpoly XL (which is crazy wide), 3 interior pole mods.  Here's a video of someone else's but gives an idea:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BKSINO4qRYg


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9/12/2018 9:00 am  #5

Re: Tarp Material

We have a DD SuperLite tarp that's made of ripstop nylon. It's super light weight and I really like all the lashing points it has.


Can't speak to long-term durability because we haven't had it that long but it's been great for the past 2 seasons. 

*is ripstop nylon the same as silnylon? I genuinely don't know. 


9/12/2018 11:04 am  #6

Re: Tarp Material

I have one of MEC's guide silnylon guide tarps that I think is about 1.1 to 1.6 oz. I have had it for about 7 years now and have had no durability issues with it, with year round use. However, I don't drag it through the dirt or use it as a ground sheet. 

Last year I sewed a 1.1 oz short wall pyramid hot tent. At first I thought I should have gotten a thicker fabric, but it seems pretty durable, just like the tarp.

Both are crazy light and pack small.

IMO 1.1 oz silnylon is pretty strong for most tarp/tents. The only thing I get worried about is catching it on a sharp branch ...but silpoly, silnylon, 1.1oz, 1.6oz, 1.9oz all have a good chance of ripping in that situation. 

CanoeClaire wrote:

*is ripstop nylon the same as silnylon? I genuinely don't know.

slinylon= silicone treated nylon
ripstop nylon = nylon with extra fibers in a cross pattern for durability

They are often together as ripstop silnylon. 


9/15/2018 4:54 pm  #7

Re: Tarp Material

I've been using silpoly 1.1 (little shop of hammocks) for the past year or so .  Survived some heavy winds with no issues.


11/21/2018 8:50 am  #8

Re: Tarp Material

My Warbonnet Superfly has stood up really well in some tough weather. And what impressed me most was that it did rip a bit! One dark night I pitched to close to a sapling and with strong winds the sapling rubbed through some of the stitching but it did not tear through once it go started. Sort of 'stop-rip' without being 'rip-stop'. And every time I take it out I am amazed at how lite it seems.

Now that Simply Light barn you show is very interesting. Has hammock hot tent potential written all over it.

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