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8/27/2018 1:05 pm  #1

McManus Lake Campsite

So I'm still looking at November trip options with my dad (see my other recent posts) and am looking for info on a few different sites.  Sorry for the various posts but figured it's better to add them as separate posts in the event others in the future do a "search" (might be easier to search)..

I see there is a campsite just west of the put in at McManus Lake.  On Jeffs map there appears to be a trail leading to the site.  Does anyone here have any info on that site (what it's like, how to access it, etc.)?  We won't have a canoe so we're looking at drive-to and walk-in type sites (i.e. Sec, Pretty, etc.)



8/27/2018 1:19 pm  #2

Re: McManus Lake Campsite

Hi Steve . .you likely have though of this already, but there's a couple of pretty good trip reports from that put in which might have some info or you can message the person here ... I think Dan did a good report. 

Just FYI on the walk in sites on Sec ... last time we were there both were taken by mid Friday aft ... the walk in sites seems to be getting popular there ... 


8/27/2018 1:21 pm  #3

Re: McManus Lake Campsite

Thanks DW I'll do a bit more digging...we stayed on Sec last year same time (Nov 1) and hardly saw a soul the whole time.  What time of year were you there when they were taken by the Friday?

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8/27/2018 3:01 pm  #4

Re: McManus Lake Campsite

that first campsite is just up from the put in and looks decent, although I haven't stayed there personally, not sure of the trail either but it would be a 5 min. paddle....


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