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5/20/2018 8:19 am  #1

Lake Eustache - Jim Hudson Plaque

Hi All,

I just got back from a couple of nights at Lake Eustache (awesome trip - will share some photos in a separate post). I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to the Jim Hudson plaque that was mounted on the north-facing cliffs? We searched for quite a while to no avail this week. I thought for a bit that maybe the water was high and it was submerged, but no. We ended up finding where it is supposed to be mounted, complete with the anchors, but the plaque was gone. We searched the 4-foot deep water right there to see if maybe it fell off into the water, but were unable to find it. Does the park management take it down for the winter and it's just not back up yet? I'm just curious since it was odd to find it missing.



ps...I wasn't sure where to post this topic, so please move it to a more appropriate section if need be.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” - Dr. Carl Sagan

5/23/2018 3:06 pm  #2

Re: Lake Eustache - Jim Hudson Plaque

That's a shame.

It was there when I last visited (Aug 2014) and I took quite a few photos of it for the memorial section of my website - unfortunately later on I lost my camera in the Pet below the Natch.

It's highly highly unlikely that the plaque is removed for winter. I suspect it was stolen. Or simply removed and tossed in the lake because, well, people are assholes. Just take the Blair Fraser memorial at Rollaway raps for example. Someone actually managed to cut the thick metal cross from its cement base and chucked it into the river. Why? See above. In this case his family actually recovered the cross and it now sits next to its original location.

Sometimes the things people do and the reasons they do it can be truly perplexing. It's really sad to hear about stuff like this.


5/23/2018 3:20 pm  #3

Re: Lake Eustache - Jim Hudson Plaque

I actually posted the same question today (missed this thread)...  Seems you were there just before I was...  We also tried to locate in the water immediately below, rustled around under the rocks on that 'ledge' below to no avail...  While I don't want to, I'm inclined to agree with Peek...  Such a shame...:-(


5/30/2018 8:30 am  #4

Re: Lake Eustache - Jim Hudson Plaque

Yeah...that was out thoughts too. I hope it's nothing nefarious, but my cynicism makes me think it probably is.

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” - Dr. Carl Sagan
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