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3/26/2018 4:58 pm  #1

What's Your Favourite Vegetarian Meal?

Saw Vanslyke's post re fav Camping meal - All looked/sounded delicious!  This got me curious, wondering what others' fav vegetarian camping meals are?


3/26/2018 6:10 pm  #2

Re: What's Your Favourite Vegetarian Meal?

So here are my top faves,

-Pierogis, with onion, mushroom and sauerkraut. (dinner or breakfast)
-Chocolate hummus on bananas or bread (breakfast)
-Cheese fondu
-Dutch oven lasagna
-Grill cheese
-Mushroom stew (the key is adding Marmite, gives the stew lots of flavour)

Also lots of pasta and been dishes.


3/27/2018 8:55 am  #3

Re: What's Your Favourite Vegetarian Meal?

My favourites are : vegetable stew...., I don't use marmite but knorr bouillon cubes ( easily available in grocery stores) to enhance flavour . Vegetable cubes available. Add to any kind of pasta, or over mashed potatoes
Fried rice with satay sauce ( Indonesian recipe, easy)
Bagels with tomato and Brie ( individual Brie pots available in bag of 10 at grocery store) Brie did not spoil, but we camped in cooler weather)
Fresh baked cinnamon buns, or biscuits, with scrambled eggs ( real eggs) and yes we do portage with them. Last trip eggs were good for the week.
And as app Paul says, bean dishes,


3/27/2018 9:00 am  #4

Re: What's Your Favourite Vegetarian Meal?

I've had great luck with veggie burritos. 

I buy one of those fajita kits that comes with tortillas and an envelope of salsa. I bring dehydrated, pre-cooked black beans, dehydrated peppers and onions (or fresh) and cheese (aged cheddar lasts forever). You could also add some rice in there to fill it out. 

This is a good meal if you're camping with vegetarians and omnivores. I often do pre-cooked dehydrated ground beef in another pot for the meat-lovers.

This meal takes fire cooking skills. I wouldn't want to juggle that many pots on a stove. It's really only 2 pots and a fry pan but it's nice to have everything cooking at once. 


3/28/2018 12:15 am  #5

Re: What's Your Favourite Vegetarian Meal?

Only a guess, but if I took the bacon and pepperoni off my mini pizzas I think they'd still be delicious.  Someone else will have to do the testing though.  We use english muffins as they can handle a week in the pack.  Rehydrate and heat some sauce, toast the top of the muffins, add some cheese and off to the side of the grill (think low heat) so the cheese has time to melt before the bottom burns.  


5/02/2018 6:07 am  #6

Re: What's Your Favourite Vegetarian Meal?

We do mostly vegetarian meals on your trip. 

-Falafel wraps-,falafel, pita bread, cucumber, onions, goddess dressing (or your favorite), side of couscous
-Burritos- dehydrated refried beans, tortillas, onions, black olives, spanish rice, 
-Spaghetti- dehydrated mushrooms, spaghetti sauce in a can
-Red Beans and Rice- veggie italian sausage (Field Roast is my favorite), red kidney beans, onions, diced tomatoes, chili powder, cayenne

We can get most of the dehydrated items at our local Health Foods/Whole Foods store. Otherwise, they sell powdered falafel and other items in most stores in small boxes. I take everything out of the boxes and label and put in zip locks.


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