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3/05/2018 7:32 pm  #1

protein bars, granola bars, power bar recomendations

i am looking for some insights about store bought snack bars, protein bars, granola and power bars,
 what bars do you like to take tripping and why? i some times make my own, no bake variety.
    i am eating clif bars now and look`n for a change.


3/05/2018 7:40 pm  #2

Re: protein bars, granola bars, power bar recomendations

I was loyal to Quest despite the high price tag, until Costco came out with their Kirkland knock offs. Same nutritional breakdown, same taste/texture, one third of the price. I eat them daily regularly so they're not my 'tripping' bars, but I do just happen to bring them tripping.

I will say, with all of the fibre they're very satiating, so might not be what you're looking for considering they're only 200 kcal. I bring lots of trail mix as my high calorie snack, and I like eating the Kirkland bar before bed - it helps keep me full until the morning so I don't need to take down my barrel!

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3/06/2018 7:12 am  #3

Re: protein bars, granola bars, power bar recomendations

I used to bring more Clif bars than I do now - but still bring two or three just for the simplest of snacks on the go to hold me off until a meal.  I find them heavy and only mildly satisfying in flavor.  So I guess we're kind of in the same boat.  I lean towards the sweeter versions of blueberry, macadamia white chocolate, etc. for the few that I bring.

We've switched to more traditional snacks like beef sticks and aged cheese, hard rolls with peanut butter and honey, gorp, etc.  Just find they taste better and are filling enough with a good balance of proteins and carbs.


3/06/2018 9:26 am  #4

Re: protein bars, granola bars, power bar recomendations

We discovered Gorp bars last year at the outdoor adventure show and they're really quite tasty, we bought a whole case. I can't stand cliff bars, they all taste the same to me, although the peanut butter in the crunchy variety is really good. MEC sells Gorp bars singly but I think you can buy a case online. I believe they're a Manitoba based company. Peanut butter & raspberry is my personal favourite.


3/06/2018 10:18 am  #5

Re: protein bars, granola bars, power bar recomendations


3/07/2018 10:04 am  #6

Re: protein bars, granola bars, power bar recomendations

thanks for the  wonderful replies.  
 i am doing taste tests now with 5 different bars i bought from shoppers . 
this is what i make,, no bake bars
  12oz. butterscotch/choc chips, mixed if ya want,, dark chocolate chips too
1/2 c. toasted wheat germ
1/2 c. honey, 
 heat gently ,blend together
add 1/2 cup raisins ,1/2 c. shredded coco nut, 1/2c. nuts and/or berries, mix well.
  press mixture into buttered 12x12 baking pan, i use no salt butter.
the last batch i made i used blue berries and strawberries. so many options at the bulk store.
   set the pan in the frig to firm up. cut wrap and freeze.
very basic easy to make in 15 minutes. 

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