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2/27/2018 9:02 pm  #1

Esker 10 X 10 Classic hot tent at Mew Lake

As many of you know, I host the podcast Paddling Adventures Radio. So on Family Day weekend I decided to head up to Algonquin's 'Winter In The Wild' event and hopefully spread word of the show while camping in my new hot tent at Mew Lake. So I loaded up the truck with all my gear and set off.

My new winter tent is an Esker 10' X 10' Classic, which is a 4 sided hot tent. Inside I had my Kni-co Alaskan wood stove. A tad big for this tent but if I ever upgrade tents, I won't have to upgrade the stove at the same time.

Now, back on New Years I went up to Mew Lake to check out a bunch of tents before I bought one of my own. I saw a lot lot of tents with carpeting, and mats as flooring. I assumed, wrongly I would later discover, that people had laid down wood flooring and then the carpet. Nope. Using my smarticle particles, I decided I would lay down a tarp, then my custom made 10 X 10 floor and then set up my tent. Worked like a charm As other campers saw what I was doing, that was when I found out that they were not using a wood floor. They were placing the carpet directly on the snow.

Somehow I became part of the Demo Tour as about 30 people came through my tent to see my flooring and setup. Okily Dokily!!

Anyway, I had my cot set up plus a chair, which I didn't use much, and small square cooler that fit nicely between my cot and the stove so I could use it as a table and kitchen counter and the stove was still close enough for me to reach over and cook. Was a great set up indeed. A massive palace for one person. For two people I would not bring the cot.

When I wasn't giving tours of the humble abode, I spent the days meeting a chatting with an absolute ton of people, did some hiking and enjoyed nature. Was a great weekend to try out the new tent and great weather too.

Big empty plowed out site when I got there

Putting the floor down

Staking out the corners with spikes in the ice

Center pole in in

Sides strung out and gear inside

Interior view. What a mansion for one!!

All set up and ready for the weekend

Boiling water on the stove. The side tray keeps things nice and warm

Strung a rope through the loops in the peak and put clothespins up. Great for drying wet gloves and socks

Lit up from the inside at night


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3/01/2018 7:10 pm  #2

Re: Esker 10 X 10 Classic hot tent at Mew Lake

Well that is awesome! The cot and the floor lift it into the realm of luxury! Bravo!


3/08/2018 11:00 am  #3

Re: Esker 10 X 10 Classic hot tent at Mew Lake

  Looks awesome! I have to look into doing something for the floor. After a couple of days I have a mini lake LOL. I remember your tent. We have the same truck lol. 

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