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5/12/2018 10:03 am  #426

Re: 2018 Ice Out Predictions?

freesince83 wrote:

For those following this thread and interested in the Brent access point: I just got my permit to start from Cedar Lake! My route crosses Cedar to the Petawawa. Apparently only the western section of Cedar has ice. Can’t comment on Brent Road as I’m leaving the permit office now by Hwy 17. Good luck to everyone this week. Paddle On...

A friend of mine crossed cedar early yesterday morning and camped at Narrowbag last night. He's on a 30+ day solo trip


5/24/2018 8:47 pm  #427

Re: 2018 Ice Out Predictions?

I had an awesome trip covering my planned route (100 km / 15km portages) in 6 days. Lots of wind made it hard to fish and plenty of headwinds on the first 1/2 of the trip. Fishing was slow for me and as reported by other fishermen I encountered. However, I was more focused on paddling and capturing the scenery. Weather was really amazing for early May and had only a few mosquitoes and black flies but nothing biting.

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