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10/07/2017 3:55 pm  #1

Blackbird xlc Hammock, Underquilt, Sock

I posted this on hammock forums dot net, but I thought I would post it here, too, if I'm not breaking any rules.

All items were bought within the last year and were stored in pet-free, smoke-free home.
Will pay shipping to most major Cdn cities. If you live somewhere remote, we can talk about splitting shipping. If you live in Toronto, we can talk about pickup or meetup somewhere.
PayPal or bank e-mail transfer.

1. Warbonnet Blackbird XLC hammock, brown, 1.1 double layer, stock Warbonnet webbing strap suspension, two Warbonnet carabiners, in a double ended stuffsack. 974 g = 34.35 oz.No winter topcover. See the travel sock below.

[ If you really want a winter topcover, note that Warbonnet recently indicated (on the blemish accessories page) that they had some extra topcovers that would fit hammocks with a "G" written behind the zipper stop. This hammock is one of those, so you might be able to get one if you move quickly.]

This is considered by a lot of folks to be the most comfortable gathered end design on the market. Everything about it is well made, too.
Used very gently 8 nights total.
Edit: this item has been sold

2. Warbonnet Wooki XL 20*F (-6*C) underquilt filled with 10 ounces of 850 fillpower Hyperdry dwr-treated responsibly sourced goose down, colour is brown, in stuffsack. 626 g = 22.1 oz. Fits XLC hammock perfectly and easily. Used gently 8 nights. In perfect condition. Stored loosely in a big cotton bag (not included) in pet-free smoke-free home.
Edit: Wooki has been sold.

3. Warbonnet Travel Sock XL, brown, in stuffsack. 291 g = 10.3 oz. Bought this instead of the winter topcover because I thought it was more versatile and could be used on ANY gathered end hammock for extra wind protection. Big zipper opening, small openings at each end for your suspension straps to fit through. Small split rings at ends, too. Never used.
Edit: this time has been sold

Update: All items have been sold. Thank you!

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10/07/2017 3:56 pm  #2

Re: Blackbird xlc Hammock, Underquilt, Sock

Blackbird XLC

Blackbird XLC With Wooki attached

Travel Sock XL

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10/07/2017 3:57 pm  #3

Re: Blackbird xlc Hammock, Underquilt, Sock

Sizes relative to standard letter paper
L-R Topcover stuffed very loosely, XLC hammock, Wooki XL 20F

Colour. Travel Sock and Hammock are the same colour. Wooki is slightly lighter.

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10/09/2017 9:39 pm  #4

Re: Blackbird xlc Hammock, Underquilt, Sock

Several people have asked why I'm selling. It's because I prefer my bridge hammock. Can only justify having one hammock, so the others have to go.

The xlc is an awesome hammock. It's just not for me.

Edit: all items have been sold

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