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9/24/2017 7:14 am  #1

Pen Lake Solo Trip Photos

Got back late Friday from a 3-night stay on Pen Lake. I've split some photos from the trip between the side-bars of the website's front page and photo section. Just click on the individual small images to access the larger versions ...



10/01/2017 8:04 am  #2

Re: Pen Lake Solo Trip Photos

Great pics of the lake!


4/18/2018 12:59 pm  #3

Re: Pen Lake Solo Trip Photos

The website hosting service that I use provides a "tool" that I hadn't been aware of until this week. It's a "slideshow-builder" feature. During the aftermath of our recent "ice-storm", I took the time to check it out.

I loaded-up shots from my short Sept. 2017 solo trip to Pen Lake. Here's the link ...

There's a few control options in the bottom-right corner. I prefer the 'Pop-out" one (second from the right). It enlarges the image, includes the text descriptions, and allows one to manually advance to the next picture.

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4/19/2018 8:35 pm  #4

Re: Pen Lake Solo Trip Photos

Great pictures. Loved those calm water shots and the close up of the lichen. Mixed with telephoto shots and peaceful shots of one of my favourite easy-to-get-to lakes. I need to buy a camera of the quality you are using-really sharp and bright images.


4/20/2018 5:20 am  #5

Re: Pen Lake Solo Trip Photos

I acquired a Panasonic "bridge" camera. While it has a small sensor and weighs 1.5 pounds .. it has the equivalent of a 25 - 600mm zoom with a constant maximum F2.8 aperture and is splash-proof. It's definitely not a large sensor camera system, but it is a viable all-in-one compromise for canoe and hiking trips.

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