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9/17/2015 1:02 pm  #1

Tim River Levels?

Just wondering if anyone has been along the Tim in the past couple of weeks?  Heading up there next week for a few nights and I see there is an advisory for low water levels between Tim Lake and Rosebary....



9/17/2015 3:18 pm  #2

Re: Tim River Levels?

Can't help you but I can't imagine it's in great shape with the dry weather lately.  I did a three day trip last Sept 26-28 and water levels were good.  I'm sure you already know, but the moose on Longbow are reliable.


9/17/2015 4:02 pm  #3

Re: Tim River Levels?

Thanks Shawn.  I've never actually paddled down to it that good of a spot for moose?

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9/17/2015 6:58 pm  #4

Re: Tim River Levels?

yes, My friend and I did a 6 day trip from sept 3rd till the 9th from tim river to rosebary. The waterlevels were great in the Tim, before and after the portage. Although we found the portage hard , but thankfully short, the biggest issue was with the 6 beaverdams that you encounter after the portage. I paddled a solo Keewaydin, which was hard to line up sideways along the dams (i had a bear barrel in front of me so could not get out trough the front.) Even harder for my friend, who paddled a solo kayak. 5 of the beaverdams could not be run.
There is one part in the middle of the tim very clogged with plants, this piece was quite shallow, but we did not bottom out.
It took us 4 hours to get from the portage to Rosebary. We had no luck at all with moose., None. But the Tim had 4 otters in the beginning part of the river, that snorked and huffed around my canoe while i sat there watching them.
Also, Tim island is cleaved in the middle by a stream, which was paddable when we were there. Its quite wide but shallow, and the west exit (or entrance if you come from the access point) has a sunken tree across it, just inches under the water. May cause a hangup with a loaded canoe. If you have more q's, ask away.
Have fun, 
Wanda S


9/17/2015 8:14 pm  #5

Re: Tim River Levels?

Here's a short video from last September.
At the narrows between Rosebary and Longbow, I took the video of the cows and bull after calling them in to the shoreline.  East of there, across from my campsite on Longbow, I filmed three young bulls at dusk but the light was too low to capture much other than grunts and tree thrashing.  They were there all three days, and this spring I heard and saw moose at roughly the same location.  There was plenty of old rubs and wallows to show that it's a regular rutting spot.  I also heard a pack of wolves just downstream of the dam exiting Lonbow onto the lower Tim River.  I saw a moose this spring at the campsite just west of the narrows on Rosebary and have read at least two reports of bears visiting that site.  Good luck, you should have plenty of wildlife and scenery to photograph.
I have a report of this short solo trip on CCR and I'll try to get it uploaded on my webiste and/or here in the next few days.  It's a cool area of the park.


9/17/2015 8:20 pm  #6

Re: Tim River Levels?

I just watched my video again.  It brings back memories for me and it's nice scenery, but the last half is pretty boring so you may want to fast forward through it.


9/17/2015 8:22 pm  #7

Re: Tim River Levels?

Oh man what a great video...TOTALLY puts me right back there as well.  We've done the Tim a few times over the years and I went with my Dad same time last year (Oct 1) and base camped on Tim Lake.  I really like that area of the park and that trip down to Rosebary is always interesting. 
Thanks for the insight and the video!

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