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7/29/2017 8:18 am  #18

Re: Campsite GARBAGE... And then some

Earlier this month, on Ralph Bice, we kept noticing our dog crunching away on what we thought were sticks.  He used to be pretty obsessed with eating sticks so we didn't think much of it.  It wasn't until later that our daughter realized the dog was eating a bone, what looked to be from a steak or a pork chop.  At this point he'd eaten about six of them so we started looking around and found a few more tucked under fallen trees near our tents.  He found a few more though.

Another time he found a nice little meal of fish heads at a campsite.

The worst we saw was actually on our first attempt to canoe camp.  We were going to do the Poker Lake Loop near Carnarvon but had car trouble and barely made it to a campsite on the access lake before it got dark.  There was two full cases of empty beer bottles, a bag of various garbage and the fire pit was full of used condoms.  Taking out the first two wasn't a big deal but no way were we touching the condoms.


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