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7/09/2017 9:55 am  #1

100 years since tom toms died, t v o , special program "west wind"

tom tomson died july 8 1917       100 years ago
         t.v.o. produced a program (west wind)  that was aired last night about the 100 year mark of " tom tomson`s" death,
      lots of his art work is shown and the history of is life is discussed and his death mystery solved? well sort of.
also t v o has aired a second program last night "painted land" as a husband and wife team and friends try and discover the actual places where the "group of seven" painted. the premise is to match the art work with the location that the artist stood/sat to create each work of art. using photos of the  art work and matching to the landscape. some of the images are remarkable.  the team travels through "algonquin park" and the highlands of "algoma" and out to the  " superior lake slate islands" on their quest to find the exact locations of each painting.
         t v o has these programs available to watch by going to the website and click on documentaries.
i find these programs very relaxing to watch,  the song birds are singing. 
      do you have a favorite  "group of seven" member? or a favorite painting? .have you been to "klienberg" art gallery
   i like "lawern harris"  art work.  and " frank johnson"  
    the program mentioned that the "group of seven"  formed after "tom toms`s"  death. that was thought to be a tribute to him .


7/20/2017 12:37 pm  #2

Re: 100 years since tom toms died, t v o , special program "west wind"

Thanks, I was curious if there was much done in honour of the death anniversary. I'll have to check them out.

I went to the Harris exhibit at the AGO this year. He wasn't necessarily my favourite but it was incredibly interesting to see the evolution of his signature style. I left with a greater appreciation of his work.


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