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4/18/2017 8:31 pm  #1

Do you pinch back barbs in a lure?

New to angling, but long time enthusiast for back country camping.  I bought one of those x-rap lures that has two sets of hooks, with each set having 3 barbed hooks.  The right thing to do here is pinch back each barb?  


4/18/2017 10:26 pm  #2

Re: Do you pinch back barbs in a lure?

If you're planning to keep the fish to eat, than no. If you're planning to catch and release than I would suggest considering changing them to single barbless hooks rather than trebles, or using spinners and spoons with single barbless hooks. When you've got 2 trebles hanging off a lure there is plenty of opportunity for a fish to get mis-hooked in the body/eye/fin/gills/your fingers. Single barbless on a spoon or spinner works well- I've never tried it with body baits so I'm not sure if they're effective there.


4/19/2017 7:19 am  #3

Re: Do you pinch back barbs in a lure?

Ya i usually pinch back most of my barbs.
On bigger jerk baits that have 3 treble hooks i usually take out the middle one.  No need for 9 hooks on one lure 6 is enough for me lol.


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