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Catch-all Discussions » Are predictions for ice-out starting yet? » 5/01/2016 8:18 pm

The ice went out on Kioshkokwi Saturday afternoon. Still snow in the bush in shady areas.

Equipment » Pats backcountry beverages. » 4/17/2016 11:22 am

I had a friend pick me up a system a few years back from the US, with the beer packs. It's a little tricky at first to figure out the carbonation technique. The beer was pretty good, as a bonus, you can use the bottle as a water bottle to cut down on weight. Since the beer is concentrated alcohol you will have to wait until the LCBO carries it or make a trip southward.

Fitness » Jump-start on summer ... » 4/10/2016 9:42 am

For canoe lifting:
Technique, technique and more technique. 

I have found the best way to avoid injury, getting worn out and generally feeling like a bag of smashed gorp at the end of a long day of paddling and portaging is having good, sound fundamentals. 

I have seen big strong gym going guys struggle to get a canoe onto their shoulders. I have also seen petite women put a canoe on their shoulders with little effort. Why? Using the proper technique.

I find the best thing you can do is practice lifting a canoe until it feels effortless. then try on uneven ground, in the wind. When you get out on the trail you will not only have more energy at the end of the day but impress your trip mates by almost magically tossing the canoe onto your shoulders. 

Tens of thousands of canoe lifts has taught me just how important the proper technique is. 

Board footera

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