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Trip Planning » Hogan Lake » 9/26/2022 2:38 pm

Thanks for the info!  Greatly appreciated.

Trip Planning » Hogan Lake » 9/25/2022 7:46 am


Camping on Hogan next week, part of a 10 day solo trip.  I’ve been through Hogan a couple of times and spent the night on an island site in the past.  I’m debating on doing that or pressing on to Park’s Bay, just was wondering between the two which is better?  I’m entering from La Muir and heading to Philip Lake the next day.

Trip Planning » Low Water Crow river between Big Crow and Lake Lavieille » 9/21/2022 4:36 pm

Well my canoe partner bailed on me, and I've decided to switch my fall trip around.  I was wondering if anybody has paddled downstream from Big Crow to Lake Lavieille recently?  The park has an advisory of low water levels so I guess I'm wondering if it's passable downstream still?

Thanks very much,

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 599 » 9/14/2022 9:52 pm

The 400 meter portage from floating heart to rosebary?

Trip Planning » Kiosk or Cedar? » 9/02/2022 9:59 pm

I like staying on both lakes myself.  I’ve never stayed on the site you’ve mentioned on Cedar.  As far as Kiosk I’ve stayed on sites 13-16 (on the PCI) for a day or two.  Far enough from the access point to give more of a remote feeling I suppose.

Trip Planning » Confusion over confirmation emails serving as permits » 8/31/2022 4:04 am

I was in the backcountry August long weekend and two wardens stopped by my site.  I produced a copy of my confirmation email and that was good enough for them.  I didn’t register at the access point when I started my trip.

Trip Reports » Nipissing River alder expeditionary » 8/13/2022 12:51 pm

Thanks for posting your trip report.  Like you I’m mostly canoeing solo these days.  Like you I’ve also had a bad experience with creek travel so sorry about your trip, but was a boost of confidence that I’m not alone.

I still do plenty of canoeing in Algonquin but I cast a suspicious eye on any creeks I may travel on.

Hope the rest of your paddling season goes better!

Trip Planning » Crow River for Labour Day » 8/08/2022 2:38 pm

I've gone downstream on the Crow a few times between Big Crow and Lavielle.  Same time of year, it was late September both times for me.  It was a loop though I continued along through Francis and paddled upstream on the Pet thru Radiant to Cedar.

I didn't have any problems, Water Level was about average both years.  Couple of spots maybe I poled along for a bit, over all no issues.

I'm jealous I'd like to visit that area of the park again...maybe next year.

Fishing » Open Bass Season 4th Saturday in April » 7/01/2022 10:40 am

Lenny wrote:

Agreed, and @PApaddler, I don't think many would be bass fishing in Algonquin to be sporting but more keeping bass caught as by-catch while trout or walleye fishing. It makes no sense to protect them in my opinion. I would be fine seeing exemptions in areas like the lower Petawawa where there are no trout to protect.

Swedish Pimple- totally agreed, I would love to see limits lowered to 2 brook trout sport, 1 conservation. The 5 brook trout sport limit is excessive. Barbless fishing would certainly help as well as single hook barbless artificial bait. Fishing worm and bobber style or treble hooked spinners that many do in Algonquin is not great for catch and release. With more traffic in the park they need to look at updating the regs.

Eat a bass save a trout!

I'm from Manitoba originally which has had the requirement for barbless hook since 1990 its the law.  When I moved to Ontario I had originally thought it was the same, I was surprised that we are not.  But doesn't matter all my tackle is barbless, I agree barbless hook fishing is better for a healthier release.

Trip Planning » Questions about Tim River (Queer to Shippagew, September) » 6/10/2022 12:12 pm

I just got back from canoeing the Tim River in Mid May.  I canoed the Tim from the Queer Lake Portage down to Shippagew.  I spent one night on the farm remnants site.  It was a great trip, water levels were high.  That stretch of the Tim I doubt is effected by lower water.  There were wasn’t really anything for beaver dams as I recall, there was one take out where a tree fell across the river wasn’t a big deal at all, I was travelling solo.

Fall of last year I paddled down the Tim from the Stag Lake portage.  No issues either,  Shippagew is a nice lake with two sites, so if you make a booking chances are you’ll be on the lake alone.  If you enjoy river travel then I recommend the trip.  I’ve got another trip booked down the Tim in early October.
As far as the "rapids" after the 275, they weren't rapids at all.  There is a large rock in the middle of the river, no fast water just current.  Very easy to paddle around, in low water the rock would probably be above water in my case it was a paint scraper.   Pm me if you have any further questions I'm happy to answer any questions you might have.

Trip Planning » Canoe Lake-Burnt Island-Sunbeam-Tom Thomson-Littledoe Loop » 5/30/2022 10:45 am

Thanks very much for the responses.  Greatly appreciated!

Trip Planning » Canoe Lake-Burnt Island-Sunbeam-Tom Thomson-Littledoe Loop » 5/27/2022 11:35 am

I've been trying to plan an easy route that wasn't an out and back but more of a loop.  I'm trying to bring a family member who is 74 years old.  In good shape, can carry a pack and all that, but trying to find something easy on the portages.

I've been looking at starting out of Canoe-Joe Lakes-Burnt Island Lake.  Then the little lakes and portages thru Jay, Treefrog, into Sunbeam.  From there Aster pond, Kooy Pond, Bartlett Tom Tomson

I've looked through the trip reports, but I'm looking for info from anyone that's done this loop.  Condition of the portages etc.  I'd prefer not to have my Canoe partner wading in knee deep mud, or super steep portages.

Any info anyone would have is greatly appreciated.  The trip would occur the end of September this year.  Or if somebody has a comparable loop that is easy going I'd love to hear about it.

Thank you!

Trip Planning » White Trout Fire Tower Trail » 5/09/2022 3:05 pm

Thanks, I appreciate the advice.  I've got no problems navigating using a Compass and/or a GPS, BUT....
I'd rather spend my time fishing than bush wacking.  I'll  have a look for it but if the goings gonna be tough, I'll break out the fishing gear instead.

Trip Planning » White Trout Fire Tower Trail » 5/07/2022 12:51 pm

I'll be camping on White Trout in about two weeks time.  I've got a rest day scheduled there.  I'm planning on trying to find the trail, I'll report back.

Trip Planning » When are the bugs coming this spring? » 5/04/2022 9:48 pm

I’m just glad the park is open this year at ice out.  Heading in for a 8 day solo on the 14th.  I expect at some point the black flies will show up.   Not a factor, I’ll be ready!

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