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Trip Reports » Victoria day weekend 2016 » 6/11/2016 5:59 pm

Nice report! Thanks for sharing!

Campgrounds and Front-country » Planning first Algonquin trip in 20 years » 6/09/2016 6:28 pm

Thanks all for the replies!  Definitely giving me some stuff to think about.  Starting to lean more towards one of the hwy 60 campgrounds.  Although maybe not as quiet it would be a heck of a lot less driving and in many way perhaps more enjoyable with more to do. Not to mention I'm sure the weekdays in September will be much quieter even there.  The backcountry idea if I am honest with myself I just dont think its a good idea at this stage.  But with a little work this year and renting a canoe once or twice hopefully I can change that next year.  
Thanks again for the replies! more stuff to research now!


Campgrounds and Front-country » Planning first Algonquin trip in 20 years » 6/06/2016 7:05 pm

From my current research it seems there are many lakes that allow at least trolling motors, but even then that is not a huge deal as i can also get around with oar and kick power (fins on feet)  This is a 5 or so night camping trip I am planning with the primary purposes being lots of fishing and lots of photography.  Have been planning on one of the main campgrounds but do have a part of me thinking of stretching my limits and making it a base camping style back country trip. But that is a topic for another part of the forum.

Campgrounds and Front-country » Planning first Algonquin trip in 20 years » 6/02/2016 8:20 pm

Hey everyone, new here to the board and so far loving all the information.  I am planning on making my first visit to Algonquin in i think about 20 years or more. Looking forward to getting out for about 5 days or so likely late summer (early September I think)  I am looking to try and get some seclusion but am not quite ready to try a canoe of backpacking trip ( fitness level is definitely not there, and the skills are VERY rusty)  Purpose of this trip will be relaxation, photography and fishing.  Will be coming from the other side of Toronto but driving distance is really not a factor. Have been seriously considering either Brent or Achray.  Looking for any thoughts and recommendations on anything.  I have an inflatable pontoon boat for fishing (with trolling motor) But have also thought of renting a canoe to get out a bit and to reaquaint myself as I haven't been in a canoe in many many years

Thanks for any help and info


Photo Equipment and Technique » Night Sky Photography » 5/31/2016 4:46 pm

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What a great post this is! Some great info and beautiful pics!  I hope to get reaquainted with my camera gear this summer, and am also planning on a trip to Algonquin for the first time in 20 or so years. Gonna study all the info here as I'd really like to try some astrophotography while there.  Great stuff, thanks for all the great info!

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