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Catch-all Discussions » Merry Christmas to all » 12/25/2021 11:28 am

Saw somebody heading back to basecamp.

Trip Planning » Best Solo Canoe » 6/08/2021 2:53 pm

UpTheCreek wrote:

I have a Souris River Tranquility solo.  The first time I had it out, I found it unstable, but I was demoing a kayak paddle (with one broken blade), in high winds, in April/May, without any gear/ballast, and it was quite cold.  I can't remember if the seat was in the upper or lower position at the time, but since then I've found it very stable....

Ya, that'll learn ya right quick!


Catch-all Discussions » Is crown land still off limits? » 5/28/2021 8:45 am

Rob wrote:

wetfoot30 wrote:

The announcement today allows golf , basketball , baseball n pickle ball ! But no mention of crown land camping even if it's within your own allowed area of travel? I understand that people will travel outside of thier zones to camp , but what's to stop me to travel to a golf course in the GTA ?
With no reproccusions because it's allowed ? Double standards ?

I am surrounded by crown land as far as I know, it is still off limits.
Sitting on a local river trip waiting for things to change.
Last year a few restaurants in the Collinwood and other areas were checking proff of address, to bad the government did not make this a condition of opening.

Doing so on their own is one thing but I don't think putting the onus on the small business to police the lockdown would be well received. Don't think the Gov't would like the optics of that and I think the press and Opposition would have a field day with it.

Equipment » bent shaft paddles,,, any crankers out there?? » 5/26/2021 7:52 am

EddyTurn wrote:

Terrific, thanks! My tandem gunwales are almost untouched as well - it's the matter of the gunwale line in the stern going away from the forward stroke straight paddle trajectory. But paddling from the center in a solo canoe, where gunwale is basically parallel to the stroke makes prying Js from the gunwale too tempting. Some purists would say it's a poor technique, but other purists agree it's the proper technique. It definitely saves lots of energy (and is easier on one's wrists) on a long day of paddling.

I feel better now. I too tend to pry

Trip Planning » Almost there » 5/26/2021 7:47 am

it'll be closer to 2 weeks before we see the blip, if any, due to the May 2-4 weekend. I suspect this is what they want to see. If there is a larger rise than expected then an opened up for Canada Day unlikely.

Trip Planning » Little Island Lake » 5/21/2021 8:12 am

boknows wrote:

@BB....if fishing I have caught splake in this lake.

You're the one!!

Trip Planning » Little Island Lake » 5/20/2021 9:57 am

Nice little lake for an R&R trip. Not much to do daytrip wise but nice for reading in the sun, swimming, etc.

Trip Planning » may 20 th opener on friends of algonquin park update sat apr 17th » 4/20/2021 7:14 am

PaPaddler wrote:

Imagine a Stanley Cup Finals game in the Leaf's Scotiabank arena filled to capacity.  Everyone in that arena is now dead.  For game 2 only a third of the fans show up.  They are now dead too.  

That's how many people have died in Canada.  Many of them alone.  Without seeing a spouse, children or siblings; without the comfort of a family member even present.  

Last April Canada was averaging around 1,000 new cases per day.  This April it is likely north of 6,000 new cases every day. 

Nobody likes the situation for sure - the uncertainty, the limitations, the cancellations, the date changes, the miscommunications.  These are difficult decisions and complex scenarios that must be accounted for and these are merely people who are trying to do their best under very difficult conditions.  Imagine if all of us were under that kind of scrutiny for every decision and statement we make...

I've always admired Canadian's for their polite and considerate manners.  Don't let the stress of a virus turn you into rude, offensive, complaining Americans!  (I'm an American, by the way) ;-)  At least we are here and able to plan or just daydream about a canoe trip.

Well said, Pa

Catch-all Discussions » Park Fees...future » 3/30/2021 8:06 am

EddyTurn wrote:

scoutergriz: our statistics differ for some reason, but it's not a perception. Traveling mostly solo myself I remember almost every solo boat I've ever met in the AP in 20 years of travel. Main street or off.  Since 2014 in about 40 days I met about 4-5 of them (not counting kayakers on Opeongo). And altogether it's under a dozen among many hundreds tandems, May to October. Of course it's easier to miss a single boat than a group on a bigger lake, but single solo is as easy to see as a single tandem (or almost - solo paddlers rarely talk to themselves). I can't testify to how many tandems travel in large or small groups - hard to tell unless one counts them. My impression is it's mostly 2-3 tandems in a group, unless it's a kids camp.

Didn’t know I was such a rarity.   

Trip Planning » Highland trail » 3/19/2021 8:17 am

Not surprised Faya is so booked. It’s a party site - close to the trailhead and isolated. Last time through there it was a mess with garbage, food and tarps thrown about and left rather than carried out. I suspect we will find all the sites close to the trailheads (Maple Leaf, Provoking, etc.) completely trashed. There are a lot of users these days interested in nothing other than partying. 

Trip Planning » Route comparison for two beginners? » 3/10/2021 8:49 am

Smoke, Ragged, Parkside Bay is a trip I often take people for their first trip: nice sites, great swimming and fishing. Lots of day trip options.

I also like Cache, Tanamakoon, Little Island as well but it’s best for R&R trips. Not a lot of day trip options, only a couple of hours in, can be noisy with the camp on Tanamakoon and fish are only a rumour.

Trip Planning » How many sites per lake? Thanks, Ontario Parks » 3/06/2021 10:22 am

I think what they are saying to you is “PFO”

Equipment » Opeongo Tree Tent » 3/05/2021 9:47 am

Leave the tent and take the girl.

Seriously, though, you'd be limited to where there were appropriate trees

Catch-all Discussions » Park Fees...future » 3/02/2021 10:58 am

Remember come election time

Catch-all Discussions » Bikes and portages » 2/28/2021 8:58 am

AlgonquinLakes wrote:

I know you're not allowed to bike on logging roads, but does that extend to portages and canoe cart trails? I'm thinking specifically of the trail to Foys Lake. I just booked an overnight to Basin Lake and I'd like to check out Foys as a side trip, but the thought of an 8 KM round trip hike to get there is kind of holding me back.

Given the damage I have seen inflicted to the hiking trails in Toronto’s ravines over the last 20 years or so that trail biking has been a thing, I will assume and hope not.

Board footera

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