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Trip Planning » Avenza » 8/05/2020 2:11 pm has a trip report on Canoeing Georgianbay’s
French River Delta with references to downloading some maps a bit further into report. He mentions:
Delamere  041 I 02 ( behind 41 is the letter I)
Key Harbour 041 H 15
Collins Inlet 041 H 14

Maybe it helps

Trip Planning » North Tea trip question » 8/04/2020 9:11 am

We were camped on a beach site close to the 485 m portage into lost dog. Did a day trip paddling to the 1900m into Lorne lake, then paddling/portaging through Lorne, Sisco,Lost Dog. To our delight both longer portages were downhill, shorter ones uphill but not bad. Easy to do in one day, I’m older therefore slower so younger people should be able to do it in maybe an afternoon.

Trip Planning » Best Access Point » 7/12/2020 11:24 am

Pen lake portage is only 375 m, easy, mostly just flat, some of it over wooden boards, which were in good shape a few years ago. There’s a water spring along the portage for cool water, comes out of a small black pipe. Galeaerie is open to boats with a motor, campsites are heavily used we found, ( did this as a day trip) as boats with motors have access to them. When the wind is up galeairy past squaw point was quite the paddle.
The portage from rock to galeairy is just around a wide dam, very short.
We liked pen and glydegale as campsites are nicely spaced, some quite large, but most of all I got a nice reasonably relaxed trip, as nothing was very difficult or far, or became too boring for the kids. If you stay on Pen lake, a short day trip back to Rock Lake and walking the Booths trail is a neat adventure for a kid. You can access the trail from Rock Lake by canoeing to the old estate along the water, it climbs a hill with a fantastic rock ledge that gives you a view of the surrounding area. I’m not a 100 percent certain but I think it’s about 5 km of hiking. Ask about it at the access point where you get your permit.
A bit controversial , but I found the campsite across from the end of Rock Lake- Pen portage a great one  for kids,as it has the waterfall beside it and gave them hours of entertainment. However, the site being across at the end from the portage meant a lot of people/ canoes came by.
Not sure if you have gone to the  website, it has a tab for PCI, where people post pics of campsites they have been to, from all over Algonquin. Have a look at them and see if the lakes you’re interested in have some pictures.

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 391 » 7/12/2020 10:00 am

Campsite closest to hailstorm creek?

Trip Planning » Best Access Point » 7/12/2020 9:29 am

Here is a mother’s view. I’m hoping there’s more people in your party then you and your little if you’re thinking of attempting a long portage like the one to Louisa. Having portaged with little ones many times,I found the shorter the portage the better. The 3 km portage to Louisa is easy to many, but not so much for small kids. There’s still lots of places with rocks, at times slippery which makes it easy for kids to  trip. mud if it’s been raining and if they fall or throw a temper tantrum it could be a long haul.There shorter legs can’t go fast as you and in case you do a double it would mean 9 km, even if you carry a child back the 3 km, it would mean 6 km of walking for him/her if you’re carrying a load.
My preference would go to Rock -Pen-Clydegale. Clydegale has an island with a nice campsite. Pen lake has lots of good campsites and all portages are short.
Pen lake also has a lovely waterfall, for an afternoon of fun.
I’d also like to recommend the Shall lake access point, although it’s quite far
, well beyond the east gate. Crotch lake has an island with sites, it’s great for kids, many sites have a sandy beach, and all are paddle in, no portaging. From there you can also go to Shirley lake, 1 km, wide Easy portage, big lake, island, campsites far apart. Or Booth lake, also many sites with beaches and 2 short portages.

Trip Planning » A way to find available number of campsites with the new system! » 6/28/2020 6:35 pm

Great! Thanks trippy, daughter just tried it, works for us.

Equipment » Sleeping pad » 6/20/2020 8:50 pm

Tried the neoair  inside a  MEC store, in a setup floor model tent. It made this crinkley noise with every movement I made, and it instantly irritated me. As I’ve normally  got all kinds of trouble falling asleep I knew this would not be it.
But for others it may not be an issue at all, as some of the responses clearly show.

Equipment » Sleeping pad » 6/20/2020 11:17 am

I’ve just bought a sea to summit insulated thermolite, 6.3 cm when inflated, R value 4.2  at half price ( thanks for the link jdbonney) we camp only in shoulder season, but I’m a warm sleeper, so Rvalue wasn’t much of a concern for me. Our  thermarests are 20+ years old, and still in great shape, self inflatable which I love. I’m a died in the wool thermarest user, but find the oldies bulky, weight wasn’t much of an issue. Nowadays Though I need shoulder and hip support, the thermarest mondo king is fantastic for that but not for long canoe trips and moving lots, far to bulky.
I don’t care for the thermarest neoair mattress, it makes crinkly noises when you move around on it, which bother me.
So far the sea to summit inflates easily with a few breaths, and my hips and shoulders stay off the ground, giving me a comfortable sleep. And no bothersome crinkley noises. I’ve no experience with sea to summit at all, so we’ll see how this lasts. Having a large frame and being 6’tall, this mattress (L] is wide enough so I don’t roll off and so far suits me to a T. And the very small packing size is a very big plus!

Where In Algonquin? » WiA #342 » 3/25/2020 4:00 pm

You’re up Martin G. Seems to me you have seen most of Algonquin?

Where In Algonquin? » WiA #342 » 3/25/2020 11:06 am

@Bo.   Been to that spot and can see why you’d guess that, but no. Lake is north of hwy 60.
@ EGB and tripper mike, you’re in the right area, but no, not correct yet. This is a small lake.

Where In Algonquin? » WiA #342 » 3/24/2020 1:45 pm

Thanks trippythings!

Where In Algonquin? » WiA #342 » 3/24/2020 1:40 pm

which lake am i about to enter?

Where In Algonquin? » WiA #342 » 3/24/2020 10:48 am

Uhoh.  Have tried posting pics before but no luck. Have asked Barry to help. Hopefully pic will be up soon.

Where In Algonquin? » WiA #342 » 3/23/2020 7:15 pm

End of kirkwood portage on the right ,lake upfront pardee ?

Equipment » Footwear? » 2/27/2020 4:44 pm

There are as many preferences as there are people I think. For me, an waterproof ankle boot for portaging/hiking , my 10 year old keens are still performing great.  water sandals in the boat and camp with a very thin sock if needed. As we have encountered clam beds at times, which are very sharp when open, water sandals also get used for swimming. In cooler fall temps we will take neoprene ankle boots to keep feet warm in the boat, sometimes instead of watersandals.

Trip Reports » Kiosk to Opeongo 2019 Trip Report » 2/21/2020 1:37 pm

Wow, what an absolutely great trip report, very impressive. What stuck out for me was the impeccable planning of it all, but especially the food for such a long trip and for two and then come out right too yet.Your eye for taking stunning pictures as well as the way you write made your report a sit down and read before I did anything else today.
It is my daughters greatest wish ( well into her thirties) to do a trip like that, but I’m not so sure Im up to hartattack hill types of portages anymore and carrying the loads you and your partner did.
After almost 15 years I’ve lost my beloved black and chocolate labs in a short time frame, and seeing your report makes me wanna get 2 other ones, train them and take them with me too for future trips.
Thanks for doing such an amazing job on the trip report and for sharing! Now the fire is lit under me for this years many months away yet, ....sigh.

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