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Where In Algonquin? » WIA 377 » 6/03/2020 4:40 pm

red rock is my guess

Catch-all Discussions » Anyone Doing Plastic Beer Bottles? » 6/03/2020 10:52 am

hey ron,, if ya have the time get a brew your own kit,, home made beer is ok,,,

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 374 by deeptrout » 5/31/2020 8:22 am

some one else can take my turn,,, i really have no photos to post,,  cheers swede

Trip Planning » June 1 opening » 5/27/2020 10:53 am

portions of the trent-severn waterway to open up june first,, some parts in the peterborough region,, this is a national park,  packed and waiting,, good luck to all

Wildlife » rare bird in my swamp from Florida,,adult yellow crown night heron » 5/05/2020 6:25 am

these two photos were taken just west of peterborough by a bird watcher from omemee ontario ,,  just  awesome  

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 364 » 4/27/2020 1:18 pm

well it looks like my guess has been ignored again,,, this seems to be an ongoing thing,, w.t.f. 
  if your are going to play the game at least be decent enough  and answer  the replies that you asked for,, 

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 364 » 4/27/2020 6:58 am

red rock,  , portage access  from opie?

Equipment » Map storage » 4/27/2020 6:56 am

perhaps you should have a look at my previous post above,,  and tell me what you think?     two ideas for storage that suit me,  
    i guess you over looked my reply,,  l.o.l.

Equipment » Map storage » 4/26/2020 4:48 pm

i laminated my favs,, other maps rolled and in marked map tubes,,,

Trip Planning » 2020-21 Hiking map error-Western Uplands trail » 4/25/2020 3:14 pm

i believe this is the area where several teens were lost last summer,,, 

Wildlife » rare bird in my swamp from Florida,,adult yellow crown night heron » 4/20/2020 3:03 pm

 i have been watching the swamp road the last few days and  there seemed to be lots of action,, i counted 8/9 cars this afternoon,, i walked down to find out what is going on in the hood,,,,there were people lined up with cameras and scopes watching the heron sleeping,, these guys are serious bird watchers,, i was told the heron was a adult and in full mating colours,, apparently that is very rare ,, there is a website called e bird that has this siting posted and confirmed
     also virginia rails were present scooting around,, great day had by all,,

Trip Planning » To paddle....or not. » 4/20/2020 8:44 am

swedish pimple
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thanks john,, i thought about using the pembrook lumber kings colours  when i fabricate my hoops, i have lawn darts hoops and whoo laa hoops to start with,,, i might move to the big O plastic pipes  for the finishing trim,,,
   i think the fellow in the photo is from europe,,
       stay isolated my friend

Where In Algonquin? » Wia 358 » 4/15/2020 8:21 pm

 yes,,, what is bat lake?,,, for the  daily double

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