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Fishing » Using a Fish Finder in a Canoe » 8/08/2022 12:49 pm

breed85 wrote:

campin4life wrote:

you can shoot a helix ice fishing transducer straight through the hull of a canoe, jump the sensitivity up a couple points and youre ready to rock.

This is what I do.
I make a little donut with some ductseal putty on the floor of the canoe, fill it with water and drop the ice ducer in it.
When I'm done the trip the duct seal comes out to be used another time.

Seconded.  I also made a little battery box out of a tupperware and close the lid onto a mesh zip bag that stores the transducer and cables for portages.  Ram mounted to the thwart. Stays on the whole trip.

Fishing » Whitefish » 8/08/2022 12:48 pm

Was speaking to one of the staff at the Opeongo ramp earlier this year and asked about whitefish catches in the park.  Apparently they closed whitefish fishing in the park due to decline in numbers - wondering if anyone's ever caught them reliably in the park (either lake whitefish or round whitefish).  Tough to search specifically for "whitefish" because all that comes up is "whitefish lake" 

Equipment » Double blade paddles >260cm? » 8/08/2022 9:03 am

Tried the double blade in a Langford 15' prospector sitting reverse from the bow.  I'm 5'7".  260cm was the longest paddle I could find in stock and still wishing for something a bit longer.  Anyone else find this to be the case as well and what length did you ultimately settle on?

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