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Trip Planning » Bug Report? » 6/21/2023 8:01 am

Looking to head up next weekend. Are we in full bug jacket, leather gloves, thermacell season or have things been a little tamer this year with the drought? 

Equipment » Best footwear for canoeing/portaging » 4/20/2023 11:00 am

In the spring, waders are king IMO. I would suggest frogg toggs hellbender, and 8 fans wading boots, or sims if you don't mind spending the extra $. 

- you never have to worry about getting in and out of the canoe.
- you can access fishing spots that would otherwise would be difficult to reach from shore or in a canoe.
- you are always ready for rainy weather - also windproof. 
- your feet will never get cold or wet.
- I find that the morning "frozen boot" isn't as bad because your feet are insulated by the neoprene booty.
- that higher chest waders help to keep you warm, especially on long rainy days when rain jackets tend to fail. 
- wading boots are usually high tops and provide exceptional support and stability on portages. they also have wide soles, which help with grip on the trails and in the river. 

Trip Planning » Rock to Louisa Portage- Cartable? » 4/14/2023 7:14 am

You would have to have a cart with 26" Fat bike tires (26*4.0). It may still even up being more difficult than double carrying. There are some skinny boardwalks, bouldery, and depending on the time of the year, some pretty mucky sections. 

Are you going to Louisa as a destination lake? 

Trip Planning » Campsite on Crow River » 4/12/2023 9:24 am

I have done this loop 3 times in the past, the first time solo. 

The campsite on crow river has a decent tent pad, it's more of a rest stop than a destination. 

From Proulx to big crow is about 4 hrs of paddling leisurely (as per my gps).

You can use a canoe cart on the 1200m crow river portage. 

It would take about 7-8 hrs of straight paddling to go from Big Crow to Crow Bay. I would say if you can push it, it would be worthwhile. maybe just think of going to the river site as a pit stop to recharge./lunch. If your objective is to see moose, then I would stay on the river and get up early to finish the journey to lavielle. 

the 3rd site on crow bay (where it narrows) is a 4 star site. Red pines, a flat tent spot, nice fire pit. I would say it is worth pushing on so you have more time on Lavieille and setting up a base camp early there to explore.

I've done the 5500m portage 7 times, and the cart trail twice. the cart trail is definitely less strenuous, but it is very annoying at times. the last 500m before it meets up with the portage is rugged. the tall grass covers hidden rocks/boulders. There is also a steep, rocky downhill section right before it meets the portage - it's challenging. Maybe I brought too much gear last time, but it was not fun at that part, and equally so going back up Opeongo. Still "easier" than doing a portage, but it's not a gravel path. Make sure you bring lots of water, I made that mistake. All the creeks along the way had dried up from drought in the first week of August. 

I am not sure if you have experience with a canoe cart, the following tips helped me get through.
- bring some of your own ratchet straps, the tighter the canoe is to the cart, the easier the journey will be overall.
- find an 8' branch, as straight as possible, and lash it to the front handle of the canoe. one person on either side to push. (it will never feel "equally balanced", but it will move);

Trip Planning » AO Ice out contest 2023? » 4/03/2023 3:01 pm

I sent them a message on Instagram a few days before the typical March 31st cut-off and never received a response. Usually, they hype submissions up as the deadline approaches, but nothing. May be the end of an era?

Trip Planning » Early August Brent Solo Loop » 3/31/2023 10:14 am

keg wrote:

Experience The Elements wrote:

I've paddled the Nip downstream in mid Sept and late August, don't recall the current being much of a speed enhancer..

I've done the Nip in early August and I suspect  the current is more than you'd think.  Left Graham's Dam a bit before 9 AM, ended up on Cedar by 6:30 (about  12h on Jeff's map which I tend to only be a touch quicker than).  

I've stayed on Cauchon in the cluster on the East side.  Was mid week so we were the only ones on the lake and a nice breeze kept the bugs down.  I can't remember what the north site in the middle of the lake looked like but the two near the west end seemed the type I would only pick if I  had no choice.

I'm planning to do a longer version of your #3 in early July from Kiosk through Manitou, Kakasamic, Three Mile before hitting your route (though depending on a few things, might split it into two trips).

p.s.  Love the Nip, even the alder section at the top.

that would only play in my favour for option 3, as I have a lot of ground to cover from Little Osler -> Nip. im going to try and go as far down as I can that day. I have an 8 hour drive back home from Brent.

I typically prefer something with a nice view from the firepit, doesnt really matter where the tent pad is, as long as its flat. appreciate the insite. I think i might try to push onto Mink or Club. to try and shorten day 2/3.

Thats pretty amibitous, are you going to go through maple creek or Erables? Sounds like a route you would need to take 2 vehicles or have 2 weeks to complete. 

- not sure if you have been up birchcliffe creek, but curious if it is anything like that? only done the lower nip from whiskeyjack. 

Trip Planning » Early August Brent Solo Loop » 3/31/2023 8:29 am

Lenny wrote:

I've done route 2 and it is a great trip, we stayed at the Perley Dam and the sites aren't great. I like the island site on Robinson. My least favourite part about all of those routes is I'm not fan of crossing Cedar Lake in a canoe. 

I will keep that in mind, I was planning on staying at Rolling dam, as I have been there twice before. 

I've stayed at Robinson Island 4 nights in the past, it's worth a visit.

Agreed, Cedar can be a beast. In the 6 times ive crossed it, it has only cooperated twice.. 

Trip Planning » Early August Brent Solo Loop » 3/30/2023 2:19 pm

Hi Rich,

I think option 3 is looking most attractive at this point. I am really looking to separate myself from the crowds and have found the other 2 routes to have more traffic in the summertime. 

I agree with your perspective on Nadine, I have stayed there 3 nights in the past, and it is definitely one of the prettiest lakes in the park imo. 

I am curious what the campsites on the north side of Caochon look like, and in club lake. Do you recall anything that stood out in that area?

Just for reference of my physical capabilities: I'm 31, lift weights 5x/week, run, etc. I am thinking of this trip as a physical and mental challenge. This will be my 3rd solo. the other two were 3 nighters (Devine, Devine, Rosebary), (Big crow, Lavielle, Little Dickson - water taxi in/out)

Trip Planning » Early August Brent Solo Loop » 3/29/2023 1:26 pm

I am looking at doing a 4 Night, 5 Day loop. A couple of options I've devised are as follows: 
Option 1:
Cedar -> Nadine portage site
Nadine PS -> North Cucko
Rest day on Cucko
Cucko -> last site before 230M portage. (via 2960M thru luckless)

Can anyone provide insight on upstream paddle at that time of year?
do you think the stretch from Nadine port - Whiskey jack is worse than the Nadine portage(for reference)?
the 2960m portage from luckless looks to be all downhill, can anyone comment?

Option 2:
Cedar -> Catfish
Catfish -> Robinson
Rest day on Robinson
Robinson -> Long Marsh Nipissing River
LMNP - > out

I've paddled the Nip downstream in mid Sept and late August, don't recall the current being much of a speed enhancer..

Option 3: 
Cedar-> Cauchon
Cachon -> Erables
Erables -> Little Osler
Little Osler -> Perley Dam

This would be an entirely new area. I am not sure how difficult the section from Cauchon to the Nip is.. Would really appreciate insight here


Catch-all Discussions » Call me crazy... » 3/29/2023 8:28 am

is this site on a lake that starts with L and has 9 characters? 

Earth Sciences » Dickson Lake? » 8/18/2022 2:10 pm

Having gone thru Dickson in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and this year again. I have got to say the water quality seems to have done a 99% turnaround compared to the peak algae bloom. It looked as clear as a spring-fed lake, (maybe not whiskey jack, but definitely not tannin stained). 

Trip Planning » Crow River for Labour Day » 8/18/2022 1:52 pm

I did a 3-night solo (labor day weekend) on what I'm assuming is the same loop as yourself (big crow-lavielle-little dickson).

The water levels were low for that year as well (2019). There were a few spots before the 1220M portage that I dragged for maybe 10m, but nothing to write home about.

On a side note, I read your trip report of the failed loop, and you would have nothing to worry about in comparrison. The "poor trip experience" PTSD is a real thing I experienced after being windbound on a big lake. You question routes from a different perspective. 

PS. don't forget your rod on this one. DM me if you want to learn more lol (including choice sites, done this loop 4 times)

Trip Planning » Canoe Lake-Burnt Island-Sunbeam-Tom Thomson-Littledoe Loop » 5/31/2022 9:31 am

I am not familiar with the route, but I do know of a tool that can help. has a fee-based option that allows you to view the topography and subsequently elevation change of every portage. There's a monthly option for $9.99 that might be of use for you on this trip. 

Personally, I used it for planning a trip to Quetico, and was very helpful to plan the total distance and understand the potential difficulty of portages based on elevation change. 

In no way am I affiliated with paddleplanner.

Trip Planning » When are the bugs coming this spring? » 5/04/2022 7:59 am

 "When water temperatures reach 70 degrees F, the eggs will be ready to hatch."

Given the abnormally warm forecast next week, I'm assuming they'll be out by the 18/19th, and definitely swarming by the long weekend. 

I'll be in the park May 6-14: will update upon return. 

Where In Algonquin? » Where in Algonquin # 582 » 4/20/2022 12:12 pm

Shayne74 wrote:

Is that your boat in photo or Canoe Algonquin rental? Scott Elite? 

It was a rental from Canoe Algonquin, a 17F Kevlar ultralight I believe. 

Board footera

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