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Fishing » HELP FINDING E.G.B. blinker spoons,, » 8/06/2022 8:24 pm

Hey Doug ..... sorry fer such a short reply , and not gettin back ta ya sooner .  I was busy tending to the chickens , having ta spray them down , as they don't fair to well in this heat .
Ya may want to give that lad a call back and ask about designated stretches of prime trout rivers that are definitely restricted to fly fishing ( no bait dunking treble hooks ) .... with specific areas where one can't cast up river with a fly .
A picture of my fishing bud , no bait dunkers allowed . Advantage to the fish , which adds to the real sport of landing one.

My experience with treble hooks is different from yours , and is why I don't use them when fishing in Algonquin Park . As a young lad in me twenties , just learning the ropes ..... I found treble hooks caused a higher morbidity to trout as they spent more time out of water , in attempt to release multiple prongs .
A picture as an example , this beaut Algonquin Laker didn't even leave the water , a quick turn of the wrist , and never a hand touched it ..... would've harvested it , but didn't bring a fry pan large enough .

As fer the grade school insult of johnny cakes ( good one ) , haven't heard that one since a young lad livin in The Soo , where me pa would bring us up to Sand River and beyond fer some fine squartail fishin .

Doug .... it will be sacrilege for me to put this treble hook in me gear , but will gladly do so to give to you , if we ever meet up along the Nip @ Nadine .... Luckless  or Lynx . I'll give ya good pat on the back , fer yer big Win , so ya don't continue the burden of stroking yer own Ego .

Doug  ...just fer fun ..... I'm sure ya'll get it on the first guess , what is the frame fer that lure .... I left a soul patch fer a hint  .

Fishing » HELP FINDING E.G.B. blinker spoons,, » 8/06/2022 11:41 am


Fishing » HELP FINDING E.G.B. blinker spoons,, » 8/05/2022 9:15 pm

Hey Swede ..... Curious about your questions of finding treble hooked lures , with your strong view  "  KILL A BASS SAVE A TROUT!!  also the trout creel limits should be lower,, anglers need to limit there catch, not catch there limit !!"

Can ya see how ya might have stirred the pot with that one ?  I'll gladly add a bit of spice to that discussion as it relates to protecting Algonquin Park's post glacial strain of squaretails . Quite obvious to us all that treble hook lures are allowed in AP ,... as you well know , when most squaretails  swallow a trebel hook , they're done for dinner and ya can forget yer catch n release sentiment .
Doug ... I'm soundong like a trout snob here and so be it  .... after fly fishing in New Hampshire and Vermont a while back ....with the signage as clear as the nickel plated revolver on the belt of a State Trooper / Warden ...who so kindly remined us if they caught you dunking a treble hook in their rivers ... ya'd lose yer truck ,  pay a hefty fine and good luck if ya had enough gas money ta get back ta Canada .... Eh !


Trip Planning » Campsite tokens, signs, etc., - community opinions? » 7/05/2022 8:23 pm

Fuddle Duddle to all that crap ... I pull them down , take the nails out and use it fer kindlin to dry me wool bushsocks or fry a squarertail in butter .

Catch-all Discussions » new park now open north east of bancroft 10k membership fee » 4/09/2022 9:41 pm

Of course , expected that response .
I did not use the words "failed communist experiment "

This spring , after a few days up on North Branch Lake , listening to the music of wolves , the chance to land a behemoth squaretail , a sip of Canadian Whiskey ...with the loons as a lullaby I'll sleep well , with no concern of a privately owned park near Bancroft .
I live closer to Clayton Ontario , I don"t believe the needs of those " closer to Toronto " as ya say , are any more needing than all taxpayers in the free market economy of Ontario .

Find it rather interesting , the reference of my previous comments as an " April fools joke "
That there says plenty of your ability or willingness to engage in disscussion without the lowering to personal insult .

Simple question , this new park , is it on privately owned land ?

Catch-all Discussions » new park now open north east of bancroft 10k membership fee » 4/09/2022 8:11 pm

Not sure how this topic is relevant to the general enjoyment of an Algonquin Park Adventurer ?
This new " park " is private land .
To use a golfing analogy , most years I pay 15 $ fer nine holes on a Public course , ten minutes from my front porch , usually 15-20 times a summer . Once in a while I'll pull the sock out from under the mattress , and pay to enjoy a round or two up at a privately owned course , like Montebello in the fall .
A paddling analogy , most of the time , like many others , I paddle or walk in Algonquin Park , and for a treat maybe venture up to Temagami  , Lake Superior or La Verandrye .
Maybe even splurge on a trip fer a paddle up North on the Barrens ( liscensed and limited by Gvrmnt ) 

Point being , whatever your choice , keep it your choice .
If this was privately owned farm land , who would suggest this is so wrong if the private land owners charged a premium for organically grown produce  ?
Lenin tried a social landownership , history has shown that ain't the best fer every day common folk with a choice .


Trip Planning » A few questions » 3/24/2022 7:01 pm

Hey Doug... I ain't a senior yet , and there certainly no shame if I was . If ya need a hand carrying yer pack up the Nippissing this Spring .... let me know , I'd be more than glad to oblige ya !

Trip Planning » A few questions » 3/24/2022 6:42 pm

Trippythings  ....Thanks for your response .
That pretty well sums up my thoughts , of access to all .
I have enjoyed the privilege of paddlin , walking , snowshoeing , skiing Algonquin Park as a curious child ... for the last 40 years . 
I am still a child at heart when I visit Algonquin Park .
My thoughts one of many.... is that Algonquin Park should be enjoyed by all , whether they have a computer or a cell phone or an old truck that just shows up at a permit office .
A naive thought maybe . 
I don't post trip reports on this forum , as I once did ... in part cause the upper middle-class snooty comments of the all knowing that I find scare off the curious mind of those just beginning and still, wondering I did many a year ago .
Yep ... two dollars n sixtey cents more than my first paddle to Nadine in the 90's ....still the best bargain goin eh !

Trip Planning » A few questions » 3/24/2022 5:16 pm

Thanks Keg ... Fees are still similar for the amazing enjoyment of an interior paddle in Algonquin Park , a few cents higher than when up the N|ip fer the first time in the early 90's .
Still a gosh darn bargain , as far I'm concerned  .

Trip Planning » A few questions » 3/24/2022 4:17 pm

Like many other Algonquin Park enthusiasts ... this time of year .
Making plans fer spring opener .
Hopin ta get up to a favourite lake up the Nip River ... paddlin in from Brent .
Have read some lengthy discussions regarding increased interior fees .
From what I can read the fees are the same as they have been ?
Also ... curious ta know if the enjoyment of such a trip is now only exclusive to those making online reservations ?
I'm not against change for the cost saving convenience for all of us to continue the privilege of the enjoyment of Algonquin Park .
For those .... like my self that still have their money in a wool sock under their mattress .
Is it still possible to show up early at the permit office and plan yer trip from there ?
If only for nostalgic sake and those not so comfortable with the online reservation system . 

Backcountry » What do you call it? Thunder Box? Outhouse? Sh**ter? Kaibo? » 3/10/2022 10:25 am

" At the end of the trail
      Where old friends meet
  There's a shack kinda frail
      with a two holed seat "

Where In Algonquin? » WiA 552 » 2/12/2022 9:34 am

You gotter .... Basin Lake .


Where In Algonquin? » WiA 552 » 2/11/2022 9:02 pm

Sec and this lake , have the commonality of a fish species not found in most lakes of AP .

Where In Algonquin? » WiA 552 » 2/11/2022 6:02 pm

None of the above , and sorry fer the clue , it's more lamb chop shaped .

Where In Algonquin? » WiA 552 » 2/11/2022 1:12 pm

Not Foys , I've yet ta make that trip on foot with snow on the ground .

Where In Algonquin? » WiA 552 » 2/11/2022 11:45 am

This view from the far end of a " pork-chop " shaped lake , with the access closer to those beaut snow swirls in the distance .

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