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Trip Planning » Algonquin Park Closed till at least April 30 » 3/19/2020 9:13 am

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I really understand that a lot of us are disappointed in this decision. I think we really need to look at the larger picture like mentioned earlier. What happens if you get sick on your trip, what happens if someone hurts themselves and needs backcountry rescue? Our first responders and hospitals are already taxed. do we want to be contributing to this problem? Our front line workers have higher priorities than trying to rescue someone who has slit a vein in their hand with an axe, or flipped a canoe and is hypothermic. 

I am sure everyone has seen that even for rescuing a dog its usually a minimum of 5-10 first responders between police, fire, etc. 

Do we expect our Ontario parks workers to be in a confined space in a float plane or helicopter getting people out of the backcountry?
Do you think that parks needs to deal with some a#hole camper in a yurt or cabin that sues parks for getting the covid virus because they feel that facilities weren't cleaned properly? 
Most parks are operating at limited staff capacity already because its "off season". what is their capacity if workers get sick? 
How do staff respond to problem black bear issues because campers are careless with their food, garbage etc? They need a team of staff, not 1 tracking down a black bear. 
What if there is a fire in a provincial park? remember the fires from a few years ago? who do you call on to evacuate camper and  put the fire out?
I am sure Parks is thinking about how they hire for seasonal staff and summer students right now. The issue is, how do you hire these people if you can't conduct mandatory training because you can't have people in groups? How to you onboard new staff to their job duties and keep a distance? is it fair to put staff in that position?

And really, how do you expect government to be messaging social distancing without setting an example that they are following the rules themselves? It would be extremely hypocritical not to. 

We need to flatten curve, collecti

Trip Planning » New campsite reservation system is rolling out soon! » 10/12/2019 8:21 pm

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I wonder how the advance check-in works if someone were to print their permit 2 weeks prior and then cancel prior to the trip. I can't help to wonder if there is a possibility of people canceling and then tripping without paying for it, arguing that they have a reservation if someone else shows up on a site. 

Marko_Mrko wrote:

Advance check-in up to two weeks before the trip. Nice!

I was worried they would introduce a site-specific reservation system. That would be a disaster.


Trip Planning » Has vanishing pond vanished? » 9/03/2019 11:57 am

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We bumped into a team at the Little Doe/Burnt Portage who had traveled the route of vanishing pond. They said that they were wading through mud and low water. It was quite the slog and not recommended. This was on August 28th, 2019. I also saw that the park has posted a warning for low water levels on Potters creek and a few other locations in the park. You will want to check with them first before venturing out on this route. Good Luck!

Backcountry » Lighter Weight Back Country Meals » 7/25/2019 7:55 pm

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A Fork in the Trail is my go-to dehydrator recipe cookbook. Lots of recipes for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, all super yummy. There are rehydration instructions on the FTT website that you can print, cut out and add to your ziplock or freezer bag. The author is also great for answering any questions you send her by email.

Trip Planning » Welcome Lake- Come in via Rock or try it from Whitney? » 4/12/2016 8:25 am

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I was perusing my canoe map and realized that in addition to the more commonly traveled route to Welcome Lake using the Rock Lake put in, travel through Pen and then the long portage there appears to be an alternate route which entails putting in at Whitney - Galeiary- Night to Pen to Welcome. 

We will be traveling from Peterborough. Has anyone done the Whitney (access 13 route). I think it may cut off about an hour of driving time, however it does add a 1600m portage into the mix. Which routing is most efficient/recommended? 

Thanks in advance!

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