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Trip Planning » Rock to Louisa Portage- Cartable? » 4/14/2023 11:55 am

That all makes sense. Thanks for the replies!

Trip Planning » Rock to Louisa Portage- Cartable? » 4/13/2023 8:19 pm

I've been on this portage a couple of times, and I remember it being very flat and straight, but do you think it's flat and straight enough for a cart?

Where In Algonquin? » WIA #624 » 2/12/2023 5:24 pm

John McClane
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swedish pimple wrote:

hey john,, 
   park at the recycling bins on the roadway to the campsites,, take the walking trail from there,, lots of blueberries when in season.  take the right pathway . the path way leads down to the water, there is a bridge to cross , once on the other side you can link up to the rail way trail,, not far,,
    there is a very old trail with a rotten set of steps leading up a hill,, that will also take you to the rail trail.
       notice where the main falls are located in the middle of the photo,, you can actually sit against the shelf wall and the water will run over your head not getting wet,, you can sit and watch the falls from the inside,, l.o.l.
     this is a great little picnic stop,

You've got it. I always access it from the rail trail or the Two Rivers store, but I imagine you're describing hooking up with the Highland trail? In any event, yes a great picnic spot, even if it is much more "front country" than most WIAs.

Where In Algonquin? » WIA #624 » 2/12/2023 3:21 pm

John McClane
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swedish pimple wrote:

along the walking trail from mew lake parking lot recycle cans,, over the wooden bridge to this beauty spot.
 that  is  the south madawaska river?? 

I think this is almost certainly it, but I've never come at it from Mew Lake. Can you give me a tiny bit more detail? 

Trip Planning » Possibility of Site-specific Reservations and Increased Fees » 2/28/2022 2:41 pm

John McClane
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I'm kind of just repeating what others have said, but I think a hybrid approach would be just fine:

1. Access Lakes (or some other similar limited grouping) having site specific reservations.

2. Deeper into the backcountry, lake specific reservations as we have now.

This might satisfy both those looking for accessibility or certainty (who probably won't be going deep in any event), and those looking for more adventure (who likely are never booking on access lakes).


Where In Algonquin? » WIA 544 » 1/26/2022 11:48 am

Where we you headed ultimately? I spend a lot of time on Rock but that direction doesn't look very sexy on the map (probably my lack of imagination) but would love to hear what I'm missing out on!

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 518 » 10/21/2021 10:00 pm

Sorry everyone! It was Canisbay. Please someone else take over.

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 518 » 10/21/2021 2:39 pm

Sorry! I'm seeing the photo.... can anyone else weigh in?

Where In Algonquin? » WIA #517 » 10/20/2021 7:58 pm

I had both sites on that lake booked one summer, but had to bail. Kinda frustrated it's as nice as the photos suggest!

Trip Planning » Shuttle Services - East Gate? » 10/19/2021 11:30 am

Try Opeongo Outfitters on Hwy 60 in Whitney?

Trip Planning » Canisbay Backcountry Sites » 8/11/2021 10:21 am

Hi everyone- do people have favourite paddle-in sites on Canisbay?

Surprisingly nothing on the PCI!

Thanks in advance.

Where In Algonquin? » WIA #487 » 6/28/2021 8:40 am

John McClane
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Whoops! Didn't click through to page 2!

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