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Trip Planning » Access 3 - Little Trout - Misty » 3/04/2022 8:28 pm

trippythings wrote:

I've got reports for most campsites on Little Trout on my website (link below in signature). I have a few for Misty as well.


Very helpful! Appreciate it, trippy.

Trip Planning » Access 3 - Little Trout - Misty » 3/03/2022 11:19 pm

Have a Spring trip planned heading from Magnetawan Lake to Little Trout then on to Misty via Tim R. and Shah Lake. Finally returning to access 3 via Petawawa R. Any notable sights or areas to explore along this route? Campsite recommendation are also welcome for Little Trout and Misty. Will be travelling with a group of 5 so larger sites are preferred.

After the last two Spring trips being cancelled, this one can’t come soon enough. Although looking back on the last two years, things were looking up this time of year only to be shut back down for May so maybe I shouldn’t get my hopes up. Lol happy planning all

Trip Planning » Possibility of Site-specific Reservations and Increased Fees » 2/27/2022 9:34 am

rgcmce wrote:

Embracing my inner "troglodyte and a self-centred angry old man", my preferred pronouns are he and him.


Thanks for clarifying, rgcmce. Updated my post. Can never be too careful these days 

Trip Planning » Possibility of Site-specific Reservations and Increased Fees » 2/26/2022 11:09 pm

Site specific reservations are a terrible idea in my opinion. There are inherent risks with going into the backcountry regardless of your ability. I often have intended sites in mind but weather conditions, or otherwise, result in a change of plans. I think others who have expressed this same sentiment, including rgcmce (who has said he has mobility issues), agree. Jon is just trying to virtue signal because they feel they speak on behalf of, and have all the answers for, people with mobility issues. Get off your high horse and listen to the people, Jon. If you have concerns about accessibility, use the PCI database and all the other resources, such as Algonquin and Beyond, and make back up plans.

Trip Planning » Big Bob - Rosebary loop » 12/26/2020 8:27 pm

Ended up pulling the trigger on Little Trout > Tim R. (Lower Pine) > White Trout x2 > McIntosh > Misty. May can’t come soon enough!

Trip Planning » Big Bob - Rosebary loop » 12/20/2020 2:56 pm

Thanks so much for the info, trippy!

Trip Planning » Big Bob - Rosebary loop » 12/20/2020 2:16 pm

Thanks, trippythings! I really like your site for trip planning. I’ve already been scouring it, and the PCI index here, for sites.

Any suggestions for must-stay lakes? I’m thinking McIntosh and Big Trout for sure but haven’t set anything in stone yet.

Trip Planning » Big Bob - Rosebary loop » 12/20/2020 1:36 pm

Thanks for the info, Martin and geologicaldust (also a great username!).

I’ve decided to ditch the GF for this trip and turn it into a 6 night loop from access 3 heading through Magenetawan-> Queer -> Tim River -> Big Trout -> McIntosh -> Misty -> back through Magnetawan access. Any suggestions for great campsites/lakes to stay on?

Trip Planning » Big Bob - Rosebary loop » 11/02/2020 6:22 pm

Hey all,

I'm starting to plan a trip for May 2021 and had a few questions about the Big Bob - Rosebary loop through the Tim Lake access point. Most of the trip reports/information I can find on this route are from 2018, and from what I've read the Little Nip between Big Bob and Grass Lake is pretty rough and choked out with Alders. Wondering if anyone went through in Spring of 2020 and how the river through that stretch was? I know it's an unmaintained area but hoping the route through isn't as bad as some were saying when they went through in 2018. 

Also, wondering about campsite recommendations. I'm thinking night 1 would be on Big Bob, night 2 around Grass Lake (undecided whether to take the site right before or after Grass - thoughts?), and nights 3-4 on Rosebary. Would love to hear some opinions on what campsites would be best along the way and any feedback on this route.

It'll be myself and my girlfriend doing the route in 4 nights. Were strong paddlers (albeit haven't done much winding river travel) and single carry portages. Any feedback is welcome! 


Trip Planning » Mccraney Lake » 8/12/2019 4:35 pm

Thanks for both your replies!

I was eyeing that South island site however watched a trip report from June or July of this year on YouTube and they mentioned there was a moose carcass decomposing on the island between the site and the thunderbox. I’m not sure what would be left of it by late Aug. or if it has been removed. If anyone has updates, I’d greatly appreciate!


Trip Planning » Mccraney Lake » 8/11/2019 10:00 am

Hi all - I’m planning a 3 day trip to Mccraney Lake via access point 4, Rain Lake. Wondering if anyone has site recommendations and also recommendations for sightseeing/activities (ie. wildlife viewing, nice hikes, etc) in the area.

I’m also planning on doing some fishing. Has anyone had luck reeling in some lakers? Any reports and tips are welcome!


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