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Trip Reports » Algonquin Misadventure » 11/28/2023 3:16 pm

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Yikes! Interesting story, can't wait to read the rest, you are a good story teller. How is the coffee doing now??

I was at White Partridge for my early spring trip this year. Displeased that there was a truck parked at the campsites at the end of the horse trail... blaring music all if you made it that far it should have been good. But not like you could have made it that far! The part of the portage to the creek where the road overlaps... is like an ATV trail lol. 

Keep it coming!

Trip Planning » Operating Dates vs. Reservable Dates » 9/09/2023 3:47 pm

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Hmmm I had the pleasure of going out Nov 4 to 6th last year.. just check my reservation history.. I made the reservation online. Is it different this year

Equipment » Best footwear for canoeing/portaging » 5/17/2023 12:21 pm

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Delighted with my footwear for spring this year. My summer merrel water shoes, and knee high seal skinz socks, cold weather strength. Waterproof until I accidently step too deep out of the canoe, jump in to the creek, or sink crotch deep in to mud, in those cases the boot would have been flooded and lost anyway. Plus like a wet suit, that's your water now, you heat it up and it's not so cold anymore.  Roll down easily to get your shins some sun while canoeing. Dries overnight. Highly recommend

Trip Planning » White Partridge to Barron lake - Worth it? » 5/17/2023 1:10 am

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keg wrote:


I was on WP last summer before struggling down the WP creek.  I'd definately include it as a lake worth the effort.  Sort of has the feel of an access lake but next to no one on it.

You made it through WPC last summer? I thought to myself it mustt have been years since someone was down here. I just got back from a Shall Lake access loop, intending to go down the creek, but it took me an hour to go 500m, sawing all the alder out of the way. 3 inch branches from one side almost to the other. I couldn't risk getting stuck in there.. 

Also just wanted to through it out there, kinda lame the people who drove to the horse trail camp sites and used chainsaws and blared music late.. shouting over each other...

Board footera

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