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Skills » Knots » 11/18/2019 6:59 pm

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I mostly camp in winter now and use more hardware than knots (dutchware) so I can setup / take down with gloves on.

However I do have a good arsenal of knots

The ones I use the most

Siberian hitch (tarp ridge line)
Truckers hitch (tarp ridge line )
Double fisherman knot ( for loops to attach tarp to ridge line )
Prusick knot ( to adjust tarp loops )
Taut line hitch ( tie outs )
Bowline ( to attach food bag to hang rope )
Sheet bend ( general use )
Figure 8 stopper ( there's usually one on the end of the rope to prevent fray )

Equipment » Portable Solar Charger » 6/18/2019 11:31 am

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Just a question? 
Are you using a higher end DLSR with numerous lenses or just a point and shoot?

I don not take a camera anymore as I find my phone does good for what I need - 

As for chargers, I've never really had luck with solar chargers. I know a friend had a gigantic goal zero and it did ok. 
what about packing extra batteries? I know there's the cost of batteries, but it may be better in the long run, 
also  depending on the battery type - I've have good luck with the ankor battery packs, it is a usb out, but packs a good punch for the price. 

Backcountry » Western UplandsTrail in Winter » 2/03/2019 3:43 pm

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Definitely need snowshoes

We did the first loop the end of December. ( Counterclockwise )

From The trail head to Ramona was broken trail - but right after and around to Maggie ( where we stayed ) was about 30 cm of snow that we had to break trail. 
From maggie to maple leaf more trail breaking but from maple leaf out snowshoes were optional. 

Even with just a little snow it makes it so much easier to travel with snowshoes. 

Have a great trip !

Backcountry » What do you call it? Thunder Box? Outhouse? Sh**ter? Kaibo? » 8/13/2018 6:25 pm

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I use a few names depending on where or who I'm with
Kaibo is for summer camp / scouts
Thunderbox is backcountry camping
Outhouse is at the cottage
And the S***er is a gas station

Backcountry » Winter camping rules » 11/21/2017 10:46 am

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just to add - In winter it's much better away from existing sites. 
You need LOTS of dead standing wood for a fire.
I find most established sites are near a shore line, In winter I like to be deep in the trees protected from the wind ( as much as possible ) 
Have fun ! 
My camping season is just starting - I prefer to camp October --> May - no bugs, no people, more wildlife and more peaceful .  I've already done 2 november camps and looking forward to more! 

Trip Planning » Season coming to an end? » 10/07/2017 7:21 am

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As others posted
Winter is camping season!
I'm not a paddle I hike - so I definitely prefer cooler temps and love when there's lots of snow!

As for bringing kids
I took my son a few years back ( he was 10 ) to a winter camp and temps went to -27C.
He still talks about that trip and we've done several other winter ones after

We were in APP 2 winter's ago when the winter solstice lined up with the new moon.


Equipment » wool pants for cooler weather » 10/02/2017 4:03 pm

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Thanks !
Ordered a pair this morning
I like that's it's a Canadian company!

Looking  forward to winter !
For some of us - winter is camping season!

Ethics » Campsite Pirates! » 9/20/2016 3:50 pm

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I had a site pirated in Killarney. 
I was hiking the LaCloche trail - I like to hike LONG days.
When I arrived to my reserved site (in Killarney you reserve a specific site) it was occupied by a couple and their dog.

They were apologizing and asked if I wanted them to move - luckily I'm in a hammock so tent pads don't interest me. 
I set up my hammock and there was already a roaring fire - cooked my steak and chatted for the evening. 

In the morning I was up early and out before they got up. 

If people are nice - I have no issues sharing a site

Equipment » Bear Bangers or Spray » 9/19/2016 7:20 am

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TBH - bears don't worry me - every time I've seen a black bear it's their rear end running away. 
Including a hike to high falls ( the one at the south tip of Algonquin) where we came between a mom and her cubs - just yelled hey and all 3 took off

Now I am scared of moose ( especially the Bulls ) because when I've encountered a moose - they seem to challenge - I had several stand their ground , stare me down and huff and puff

And of course chipmunks  - they like to try to get into my food bag when making dinner :-)

I don't carry bangers or spray

Equipment » Sleeping Pad of Choice » 9/19/2016 7:14 am

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If you are looking for a pad - my advice - don't buy a cheap one

Think of it like your mattress at home - buy a nice one and you'll be happy

I've converted to a hammock camper so I don't sleep on the ground :-)
But if I had to be on the ground I have an exped down mat 9.  It's expensive but awesome to sleep on

Stores like mec and sail have the mats inflated so you can give them a test - 


Trip Planning » First solo - Western Uplands! » 9/07/2016 10:36 am

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hi there 

I've done the Highland and sections of the Western Uplands and I will admit they are fairly easy compared to Killarney :-) 

I have a few tips for Killarney ( as well as algonquin )  - I've done the La Cloche trail solo 2X ( both I did in 3 days! ) 

to save on weight - cut back on the water you carry - 3L of water is about 6.5 lbs - 
if you use Jeffs Map - both algonquin / Killarney have lots of rivers and lakes you can water up as you go. 
I found in Killarney - there was water every hour or less - I would just hike - when I came to a stream / lake I would drink about 1/2-1 litre and pack about 500ML - then drink the 500ML about 30 minutes later - knowing in 20-30 minutes there is another water stop. 
Believe me 6 LBS of water is alot of weight -  I notice when I have 1L in my pack :-) 

a few other tips - that are weather dependant - but clothes are a lot of weight - some planning can shed a few pounds - it theres no chance of rain - I'll skip the rain gear - even with a small chance - in summer I'll hike and get wet - but have a pair of dry camp clothes ( for clothing I have my hiking clothes - that can get wet, be vented if hot ... and my camp clothes that are dry and warm for what the expected temps are ) 

how long are you planning for La Cloche Silhouette Trail ? 


Equipment » Trangia Stoves? » 5/16/2016 4:26 pm

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IMO  - Alcohol stoves are for a single person and up to 2 ( maybe 3 ) cups of water. 
any meals you are cooking are dehydrated and you just need to boil water. 

I've been through many stoves and since weight is a concern for me, I currently use the fancee feast stove with an 800ML optimus pot. 
This is my spring --> late fall setup
I dehydrate my own meals so most are just add water - boil - put pot in cosy and wait 20 minutes. ( I also cook steak and potatoes the first night ) 
with the alcohol - I can plan meals and bring just enough fuel for the trip. it takes just under 1oz fuel to boil 2 cups water, so I add up how many meals Im cooking and bring that much fuel. I like it because there really is no waste( like mini propane stoves ) 

I'm also a big on using fire to cook - the pot I use ends up over/in the fire to heat water as needed.

In winter - I use fire to melt snow and cook - I bring a SVEA123 that is used for my morning coffee - as I sip my coffee I start the fire to continue cooking 

the trangia are good ( i've had several and still have one ) but I like the fancee feast - you can make it but for the few $$ I just bought one 

Also - for alcohol stoves - you MUST have a windscreen! any heavy aluminum foil can work. 



Trip Planning » Back up plan ....... What's yours with the change in opening date » 4/27/2016 8:36 pm

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Looks like my plans are changing .. Again
Was thinking of western uplands ( 1st loop - still may venture it )
However lots of sites are already booked

But Killarney is first come first serve - so I have a good chance of getting sites I like and hitting the la cloche trail and hiking it in 3 days ( again )

I'm going to be in the backcountry somewhere within the next few days - just a matter of actually deciding on where ;-)

Trip Planning » Back up plan ....... What's yours with the change in opening date » 4/27/2016 6:44 pm

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So it seems many had reservations for backcountry this weekend and with the recent change of opening date...

What's your back up plan? 
are you completely cancelling? 
are you changing dates?
changing itinerary?

For me I was going to do Rock -->Louisa --> welcome --> Pen on Monday ---> wednesday 

but now I think I'm going to go Friday --> Sunday and hangout on the western uplands trail ( that's actually open!!! ) 


Catch-all Discussions » Are predictions for ice-out starting yet? » 4/26/2016 5:56 am

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kellycamps wrote:

Just booked Lk Loiusa for Apr 30- May 2. Keeping my fingers crossed for ice out and sunshine. Getting the gear and canoe out tomorrow. Keeping a positive outlook. Who hoo! Algonquin here I come 😄

I'll be on Louisa May 2  - If you see someone paddling in a brown kayak That's Me! 

still checking here and the algonquin page several times a day for updates on ice conditions. 

Catch-all Discussions » Are predictions for ice-out starting yet? » 4/25/2016 6:23 am

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I'm still wondering if Things will open up for next Monday may 2.

I can change my itinerary- but not my days off. 

I'm just watching ice out and hoping a few days of sun open things up!  I really want to do a kayak trip

My backup plan is hiking - but looks like Algonquin hiking trails may be closed due to flooding - I might end up in Killarney- luckily the la cloche trail doesn't take reservations until May 5 - so if I go for a few days ( may 2-3-4 ) I should be able to get the sites I want . First come first serve - can't imagine Monday being too busy

Trip Planning » Rock - Louisa - Pen - May 2 in a Kayak ! » 4/22/2016 10:00 am

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kayamedic wrote:

We did the Rock-Louisa portage right after ice out in2012. Be prepared as you may be the first over. We did have a saw.. We were glad we did.

thanks - I always have a saw - and more than likely an axe too

now just need  to get news about ice out from algonquin!

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