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Trip Planning » Entomologists, Simulium sp. and April 10 » 4/12/2021 10:22 am

I hate black flies! When do you think they will be out in blood-thirsty hordes? Someone told me years ago that 3 weeks post ice-out is when they really start (2 weeks to hatch and 1 more week before they really start biting) has always been pretty accurate in my experience at AP....anyway, that works out to approx May 1st...they'd be waiting for us after the lockdown ends (May 6th) or the day the backcountry opens (May 14)...might have to cancel my May 16th trip, save my blood, and leave the specs for the braver among you

Trip Planning » Early, historically "average" or late ice out this year? » 3/23/2021 8:24 pm

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Sure feels like spring in the south...I'm hoping it stays cold in AP for a while yet so the black flies aren't already out in force by May14th...any predictions or is it still too early to say AA friends?

Trip Planning » Snow Along Highway 60 » 3/23/2021 8:15 pm

swedish pimple wrote:

i drove along highway 60 in algonquin 2 weeks ago,,  really nothing plowed ,, rock lake was not ploughed out or the pines trail across the road,,  even the west gate was rough to get in and out of as i used the pay phone.
    as i mentioned here before that there were several trucks with empty snowmobile trailers parked at the rock lake access,,  i am guessing natives ice fishing ,, south of rock in rence, harry and welcome lake,, only because stringer lake is closed because of no limit , live bait ice fishing camps that are set up

Naive question - is that allowed?

Trip Planning » Important things to know when planning a trip (mostly for new campers) » 3/11/2021 8:17 pm

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Assuming of course losing your food wouldn't be catastrophic in AP

Trip Planning » Important things to know when planning a trip (mostly for new campers) » 3/11/2021 8:05 pm

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Trippythings, yes thank you for the interactive version of Jeff's map...I support that what you said (i.e. better protection from small critters by hanging but not complete protection) I'm actually not convinced that hanging is better...I do usually hang personally (I hang my kevlar ursack but I strap my bear vault or barrel to a tree ) but I have read both sides of the debate...I don't think it's possible to completely mask the scent from a bear...I've always wondered if hanging actually broadcasts the scent further

Trip Planning » Important things to know when planning a trip (mostly for new campers) » 3/10/2021 7:12 pm

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Many thanks! Not sure why people are having difficulty with what you said about hanging food - you did NOT say it offers fool-proof protection from critters...of course, the fact that some here have seen critters get into something that has been hung in no way refutes your actual point....sadly, reading comprehension and simple logic seem to be in jeopardy too in this post-fact / alternative-facts world...btw, did you happen to post a soft copy of Jeff's map on FB? If so, many thanks!

Trip Planning » Route comparison for two beginners? » 3/10/2021 12:00 am

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bahpelcamps wrote:

goneagainjon wrote:

Others more experienced than I will weigh in here, and I don't want to preach, but my 2 cents is this: weak canoeists shouldn't cross open lakes....I'd suggest staying close to shore...hopefully you're good swimmers...and always wear a lifejacket

"Weak" might have been a strong word, slow might be more appropriate. 

Fair enough! I'd be more helpful but I don't know the east part of the park....being from Toronto I've always wanted to see the Barron canyon area that everyone talks about

Trip Planning » Route comparison for two beginners? » 3/09/2021 7:54 pm

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Others more experienced than I will weigh in here, and I don't want to preach, but my 2 cents is this: weak canoeists shouldn't cross open lakes....I'd suggest staying close to shore...hopefully you're good swimmers...and always wear a lifejacket

Trip Planning » May trip to Sunbeam » 3/07/2021 11:53 pm

boknows wrote:

Forget bass....they are not in season yet until end of June.

Boknows, are bass not year-round now in some areas? Sudbury area I think...may not apply to AP though

Trip Planning » May trip to Sunbeam » 3/07/2021 9:42 pm

Bugs shouldn't be a problem unless spring and  "ice-out" are early...I believe the official average ice-out (Opeongo) date over the years is April 30 (?)...I understand that it takes about 2 weeks after ice out for the black flies to emerge and then about another week before they start biting...that would put the blood donor date around May 21 in an average year...someone correct me if you can build upon this....other than last year, I have been in the park the previous 5 or 6 May Victoria Day** long weekends...saw black flies once and they weren't biting...btw, I hate black flies - nightmares of my university tree-planting days north of Thunder Bay in June (I should note that most of the last 7 years have been later than average ice-out dates) (**N.B. as Victoria day is always the second to last Monday in May it can be as late as May 24 and as early as May 18 of course)

Trip Planning » Campsites on Sittingman, Ranger Lakes » 3/06/2021 2:38 pm

Spring looks to be just around the corner here in the south Can anyone tell me about the campsites on these lakes? I believe there is 1 on Ranger and 2 (although 1 quite bad apparently) on Sittingman...many thanks!

Trip Planning » Lower Pine River - Tim River sites » 12/30/2020 1:25 pm

Happy Holidays! I'm looking for some intel on these 2 sites...they are on the upper Tim River, just east of the portage into Shah...any insights into the trip from #2 to Shippagew and back (spring fishing trip) would be appreciated...ty!

Trip Reports » May 07-10 Trip: cold, wet and 0 fish...again! :( » 5/16/2019 10:47 am

Many thanks all for the tips! I like the river idea PaPaddler...I have actually caught specs in the distant past on the Oxtongue R as per is the Pet River PaPaddler et el?

Trip Reports » May 07-10 Trip: cold, wet and 0 fish...again! :( » 5/14/2019 3:21 pm

After months of planning and pouring over maps, unfortunately my May 03 backcountry trip (Magnetawan to Grassy Bay and back) was canceled. I know many of you were in the same boat. So, as a plan B, I headed up to APP on May 7th for a few days of car camping and fishing before my planned trip into Pen for 2 nites (May 10-12). Alas, that was canceled too. We did manage to paddle Cache Lake and do a little 'ice-breaking' (thin crust of ice in a few places). It was cold and wet and we had zero luck fishing (grand total of 1 spec in 4 May trips now ) . My canoe partner bailed so I came back Friday. Planning to get up this coming weekend with my son. He gets bored fishing so we won't be fishing much if at all. Anyone willing to PM me and share a tip re: one of the better hwy 60 stocked splake lakes? I want to catch (and release) one before I retire from trout fishing. Thanks in advance! Signed, the world's worst trout fisherman

Equipment » Family canoe advice recommendations- what can I get away with? » 5/02/2019 3:08 pm

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Laker#1 wrote:

I'm looking into buying a canoe. Getting fed up with paying for rentals, it always seems to cost a minumum of 200 bucks, which is a major barrier to just getting out there.

So what I really want is a souris river 18.5, but I dont have the $ for that right now (even for a 2nd hand ex-rental).

I want to be able to fit
-myself (250lbs),
my partner (140lbs),
2 kids (7yr and 4yrs approx 100lb combined)

That Souris River canoe is awesome... I got mine used for about $1000 in 2013 from Killarney Outfitters completely reconditioned...maybe there are cheaper ones out there that are a little older?
and my dog 70lb,
plus loads of gear (150lb)?

I am not really bothered if the canoe is heavy like 70-80lbs, were are not going to portage too far. Im a big guy, and I'm happy triple carrying portages when neccessary! I just want something that will get us into the park and back, safely (ie not sink). Usually we go somewhere a few lakes in from the access point and then camp there for the duration. (eg, booth, ralph bice). Whenever I rent with my family, they seems to say we have to get a 17.5 or 18.5ft canoe. However, looking online I see for example scott prospector 16 says it has 940lb optimum load weight, which sounds to me like it would work for us.

I see a lot of 16ft fibreglass canoes on kijji- for around the $500 range. Will something like that work for us or would it sink with all of us? What about those poly river canoes, can you load those up and still be safe? Scott prospector 16' seem pretty available, would that work at a pinch?

Any recommendations for cheap and cheerful canoe?
Also whats the minimum length I can get away with?



Trip Planning » Access to Sunday Lake? » 5/01/2019 6:49 pm

Well, my backcountry trip starting May 07 has been scuttled due to the delayed opening

Back to daytrips...does anyone know how to access Sunday Lake? Is it possible to take the road all the way up to access point A43 (on Jeff's map)?


Catch-all Discussions » ice out 2019 - too early to discuss? » 4/30/2019 12:17 pm

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I'm no expert but, in comparing the recent satellite images on FOAP (April 28 2019 vs. April 30 2018), it looks like we are slightly ahead of last year (May 10). And, I understand it's warmer and wetter now than this time last year...and, looks like a specatular warm weekend coming (~16C)...I'm guessing ice out after May 03 but perhaps not long question though is this: if 'true' ice out (Opeongo) occurs any time between May 03 and May 09, will they wait until Friday May 10th to issue permits (I understand that Friday openings seem to have become the norm)?

Board footera

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