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Ethics » Disposable Items » 10/16/2022 6:59 pm

As to the products you mention Christine, why not pack the wrappers /bags/bottles of any of them out if you’re not sure?  It’s easy enough to use a ziplock for those items packed in plastics you’re not sure you can burn. That way you won’t have to worry about the regs.

Ethics » Disposable Items » 10/16/2022 6:37 pm

We were asked to open our packs at the permit office before we got our permit. This was at the Kearney permit office. As we had a seperate pack for food. It didn’t bother us, it didn’t take long.

Equipment » What do you do with YOUR pockets? » 10/15/2022 6:15 pm

I always use them, as many here, my glasses and map in one, flashlight and camera in the other, so they are easy to find and grab. I too bought a new tent, this one from overseas, waiting for it to arrive. If it doesn’t have the pockets I’ll sew some into it.

Ethics » Disposable Items » 10/15/2022 6:08 pm

I’ve always understood the regulations as no cans or glass due to the possibility of injury to animals and humans.
You pack out plastic bags like ziplocks and used aluminium. This thinking was reinforced 5-6 years ago when my food back was checked by a ranger. There was no issues with purchased “add boiling water and wait 15 minutes” meals, as long as empty packages were packed out. Everything else we had was reusable. We put snack wrapping into a ziplock and took it home.

Catch-all Discussions » Thank you! » 9/01/2022 8:38 pm

To the person(s) that stayed on Blueberry island, opeongo,before me on august 24,2022. Hopefully you are a forum member, and you’ll read this.
You left behind several large bags of cut and split wood in all sizes, as well as a ‘kitchen’ made out of 2 small tree poles and some loose sticks that was able to hold my cooking equipment.
I was hit with a severe muscle spasm in my leg and my back. The severe pain stayed for days and made moving around difficult, but thanks to you I did not have to worry about cooking or staying warm and was able to finish my trip.
I will try to pay this forward!

Trip Planning » Weird experience on Pen Lake this past weekend » 8/12/2022 12:21 pm

@ trippythings. I have asked that exact question as to why can’t they change the word “site’ to ‘lake’ to a park ranger, and got the following answer: the form is being used in all the parks, so nothing can be done about it, as many parks are site specific backcountry sites.

Trip Planning » Logging in Craig lake,pishnecka lake area » 7/06/2022 2:56 pm

On Barry’s latest MNR map for logging it shows the area around pishnecka as being logged in summer.
Does anyone know if there’s currently active logging there ?
Was planning a trip that way.
Thanks in advance

Trip Reports » May 24 South of Cache Lake w/ a snapped yoke » 6/03/2022 5:04 pm

Loved the report! On a trip like that when things go out of whack a sense of humor certainly helps.

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 527 » 11/06/2021 7:33 pm

Yep, that’s it. Your turn.

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 527 » 11/06/2021 3:42 pm

Where is this beautiful set of falls?

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 526 » 11/05/2021 7:05 pm

Gaga site on bonnechere?

Trip Reports » The Big Dipper - 8 Days Alone in Algonquin » 9/25/2021 12:03 pm

Great report, and great pictures! Loved reading it.

Trip Planning » Canisbay Backcountry Sites » 8/19/2021 8:51 pm

I stayed on the last site on the North end across from the portage last September. It has a steep, roots slope up but lots of room once there. It had an old picnic table too. Enough room for 2 large tents or 3 smaller ones. One large spot under a very big white pine. If you moved around the site with the sun you could be in the sun all day. Water was really high last year so not much of a beach. Could see lake trough trees. Many other well worn but nice sites on the right hand side of the lake.

Trip Planning » Best Solo Canoe » 6/07/2021 3:15 pm

I’ve taken the keewaydin pack canoe, 15 footer, for the last 4 years on trips as long as 8 days. I love it. Stable, easy to steer in any kind of wind. I’ve rented from AO in dwight, those boats are in great demand in the summer months, so hopefully you’ll be able to get it.

Trip Planning » Campsite on Wright Lake » 6/02/2021 7:53 pm

That campsite is a few feet off the bonfield Dickson portage and can be clearly seen from the wide portage. It’s not a nice site, very uneven, dark, hard to find a good tent spot. Access to the water is easy.
We hiked by it last September on an afternoon exploring the area.

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