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Trip Planning » Weird experience on Pen Lake this past weekend » 8/14/2022 10:30 am

This reminds me of the Campsite Pirates thread. Having to put up with strangers fishing from your occupied campsite that is directly situated a busy take-out/put-in and popular for brook trout fishing is annoying if not slightly disrespectful, but certainly understandable given the circumstances. A 3am visit from some (aggressive) kids lipping off insisting that you're on their campsite is an entirely different movie, and likely one that they'll never forget.

Fishing » HELP FINDING E.G.B. blinker spoons,, » 8/07/2022 5:11 pm

swedish pimple wrote:

gee,, two words for ya barb less,,, you left that out of my earlier message eh!!   how could you miss that??
     i just hung the phone up from the orris fishing academy in vermont,, the several people that i interviewed told me that there are no restrictions in vermont regarding the use of treble hooks,, and none that they could remember,, maybe on the new york side of lake champlain?? but you stated that you were fishing in VA. correct,, the only lake specific regulation was on noise pond ( stocked i believe) and the orris people did not know where the hell that is,, 
 vermont also allows you to keep 8 trout from streams, and rivers,, this means  8 total  of any  combo of brook trout, brown or rainbows,,  
    i am thinking that must be a robust fishery,, 
  8 ice fishing lines, allowed under general fishing regs,  15 lines allowed on lake Champlain, and 6 on the Connecticut river,, ,, each line shall not have more than 2 baited hooks or more than 3 artificial flies or more than 2 lures with out bait,,  that is just for starters,,
     2 lines allowed for open water fishing or 3 fly lines or two without baits,,  with treble hooks,, w.t.f. John
  paul brown game warden cell number  802 229 9191
   shall i contact the new hampshire  fish and game to get the facts,, is that the story that you are sticking to.
  please john post away but please do not look for trouble or shall i say treble???

Atta boy, Doug.  Take him to the mat and don't let up. Put your knee in his throat and make him

Trip Planning » Which river would you take from Cedar to get to Luckless Lake? » 6/30/2022 8:46 am

X3 with Martin. Pet to Luckless, then down Nip. I solo'd that Luckless portage in one carry, no stopping.  That's how nice it is. However, the paddle up the Nip is relatively easy too. The portage itself is mostly a beautiful walk through hardwoods that is easy peasy due to the old logging road it follows for most of the length, as mentioned above.

Trip Planning » Walleye (pickerel) Fishing Trip July/Aug » 5/31/2022 8:13 am

I'm thinking anytime between July 25th to Aug 6th would be good for fishing, weather, and bugs. But once again, a few days earlier or a few days later is not an issue at all. I'll shoot you a message. FYI: I'd like to avoid an "AA Gathering" type trip . I'm simply looking for some chill anglers who have no reservations about killing and cooking fish (gasp!) and also avoid discussing how one person is more ethical than the other. "Ya dig?" - David Lee Roth

Trip Planning » Walleye (pickerel) Fishing Trip July/Aug » 5/30/2022 8:30 am

Mr Pimple? Get those hips and joints oiled up

Trip Planning » Walleye (pickerel) Fishing Trip July/Aug » 5/30/2022 8:28 am

Any trippers/anglers interested in an upcoming adventure to target walleye this season. I'm planning a trip for a minimum 4 nights (you can join as long or short as you like) catch and cook around end of July/Aug.  I have an area and route in mind, but certainly flexible to accommodate alternative route or suggestions. I'm a solo tripper/angler and always interested in meeting up with other solo trippers, but anyone is welcome. I think 2-6 people would be perfect for camping accommodations.

If this sounds interesting, shoot me a message and we'll hammer out some loose plans to fry up a couple walleye fillets.

Trip Planning » When are the bugs coming this spring? » 5/25/2022 9:05 pm

Just returned from an 11 day APP trip. Was shirtless a few days, t-shirt and shorts other days, last two days used a bug shirt in a couple portages only. No bug dope necessary.

Equipment » Satellite communicator » 5/03/2022 6:28 am

Garmin Explorer + here. Outstanding mapping performance with ability to send text messages and many other features. No complaints

Trip Planning » When are the bugs coming this spring? » 5/03/2022 6:24 am

Likely a bit early this year. so I'd hazard a guess around May 21st. Definitely before the long wknd the little vampires will begin to feed lightly, and by the end of the long wknd it'll be official. 

Fishing » Rainbows » 4/22/2022 4:22 pm

Totally agree with you about the stocking program for APP regarding splake, or any other Park with water sources that are easily accessible and hit hard. I'm no biologist but I understand the splake are more resilient and also target young perch for food. In fact, they're a terrific species to introduce into trout/char lakes that have become overrun with invasive species. Gilmour Lake used to be an amazing brook trout and lake trout fishery. But sadly it has since been take over by bass and perch.  truth be told, I haven't been back to the crater in many many years.  So who know, perhaps there's now a thriving huge bass population and bass anglers are overcome with joy about it. Live and let live, eh?

Catch-all Discussions » Ice Out 2022 » 4/22/2022 4:09 pm

swedish pimple wrote:

so it seems that the f.o.a.p. would be right for the ice out time line,,, but wait algonquin is not open until may 13th,,   
    what now,, road conditions are a little muddy still., oh no the whole park must be free of ice,, what a joke!!!!

Just go and take yer chances..(gasp!)

On a serious note, if I wasn't opening the cottage early this year I'd likely take a spin down Brent Rd on Sunday with my fly rod and check out the road conditions.  I'm willing to bet a nickle the road is good and the Park is ice free by Monday

Fishing » Rainbows » 4/19/2022 8:51 am

RobW wrote:

Personally I'm quite happy that they aren't stocking Rainbow Trout any more. They are not native to Ontario and there is no justification for stocking a completely non-native species. 

I agree, Rob. But since the rainbow trout have already been introduced, I don't get too emotional about it and rather enjoy the challenge of catching one on the fly, as well as any other trout or char.  Do you feel similar about splake?

Trip Planning » Algonquin Park Backcountry Camping Closure - April 1 to May 12, 2022. » 4/19/2022 8:38 am

Gord Baker wrote:

Swift Fifteen wrote:

Edit: I just realized who you are and I'm slightly embarrassed. .

No offense to Bob, but if anybody else with extensive experience at ice-out observation (eg, me, Martin G, many others) had posted a rebuttal, would you have flamed them instead of kissing their butt?

Definitely not Martin G, he's a good dood.

Looks like Burntroot is ice free, according to Worldview. Cedar looks to still have a thin layer of black ice which should disappear by this coming Monday after the double digits expected Sunday. I think April 29th is looking good for ice free APP.  Those of you looking for an early May opening may get your wish.

Trip Planning » Algonquin Park Backcountry Camping Closure - April 1 to May 12, 2022. » 4/18/2022 8:05 am

rgcmce wrote:

Swift Fifteen wrote:

rgcmce wrote:

No.  In the past, the park never closed.

What do you mean, "No"?  Did you bother to read my entire comment?  " long as I can remember"  Despite the fact you skipped over that part, do you have anything else to contribute?

I guess I'm a little taken aback by your response.  I may be getting on but my memory is not failing to the extent that I can't remember a few years back.  I would have thought that someone younger could do better than that.  The critical change happened in about 2011 when John Winters retired as Park Superintendent.  The nanny state ensued a year or two later.  Here's a description of me enjoying my mid April birthday in the Park in 2012 ( )

So my apologies if you feel I did not read your post.  I really did; I just asumed you could remember back ten years.  Obviously I was wrong.

No need to apologize, I get it. However, the bulk of my outdoor experience has not been logged within provincial park boundaries for a variety of reasons. With the exception of chasing spring brook trout and APP being Ontario's premier area for this fishery, I tend to avoid PP's and prefer to spend the bulk of my time on crown land where the only real rule is common sense. I had no idea the Park changed the rules in 2012 (ish). My apologies.

Edit: I just realized who you are and I'm slightly embarrassed. Your website is a goldmine of information and details dating back to 1975. In fact, I've had your web-page saved in my favourites for "as long as I can remember". It has helped me through some tough winters over the years. Truly a fantastic resource and a must read. Thank you and happy birthday, Bob.

Trip Planning » Algonquin Park Backcountry Camping Closure - April 1 to May 12, 2022. » 4/16/2022 3:45 pm

rgcmce wrote:

Swift Fifteen wrote:

... The Park has been opening the third Sat in April for as long as I can remember ...

No.  In the past, the park never closed.

What do you mean, "No"?  Did you bother to read my entire comment?  " long as I can remember"  Despite the fact you skipped over that part, do you have anything else to contribute?

Fishing » Rainbows » 4/16/2022 3:30 pm

Just wondering if anyone here fishes for them and how your experiences have been. No need to name lakes I know where they are/used to be, but I'm curious if any of you target them - particularly on the fly. Personally, I rarely fish the water bodies that used to hold them, but I'm considering a fall trip with the fly rod. I don't think the APP stocking program includes them anymore, sadly.  

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