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Trip Planning » June 1 opening » 5/27/2020 2:07 pm

ShawnD wrote:

hold the phone.. update posted..

New info as of today from Parks Ontario. Don’t pack your bags just yet. Although June 1st is a tentative date for camping opening, the key word is tentative and things are changing hourly. So stay tuned. Check updates on our website. Until given clear guidance by Parks Ontario – as soon as we know you will know. With these ever changing times, we want to let people know June 1st is the earliest possible opening. We are still waiting for the Go Ahead from the Ministry of Health and the French River Provincial Park.

I think "tentative" is the operative word here. From what I understand, the government needs to give a heads-up to stores, outfitters, etc so they can prepare for an opening but it is all tentitive on what happens with the curve. If it starts going up again significantly, then you get to polish that canoe a little more.

Trip Planning » OK how bad is camping in June Bugs! » 5/04/2020 4:43 pm

Learned years ago to go before the bugs start and then stay away until July..
One year, there was an unusually cool start to June and I decided to take a quick weekender to Maple Leaf Lake figuring the bugs would have been killed off by the cold snap. Hmmm....

The trip in was ok but I spent the next two days nursing a smudge fire and little else. Heading out on the last day it was raining while I packed up (welcomed) but the rain cleared on the hike out & the bugs were relentless. Once home, I stood in front of the mirror counting mosquito bites on my torso but gave up after 250!

Some lessons need to be relearned after a time.

Equipment » Good Deals » 4/18/2020 10:52 am

Never heard of Lacordee before. Some nice discounts on boots & shoes but I don\t like buying things like that without trying them on first.

Trip Planning » Algonquin Park Closed till at least April 30 » 4/17/2020 9:19 am

RCSpartan wrote:

Lenny, you're referring to the liberal SJWs that are working to save thousands of Canadian lives, right? Just want to be sure.
Please avoid bringing politics into the posts. It takes away from the spirit of the forum.
Having said that, I'm happy to see that there are reasonable and logical measures to start to reopen spring and summer outdoor activities. Hopefully backcountry camping will soon be allowed as well.


Trip Planning » Little Island Lake » 1/03/2020 11:14 pm

John McClane wrote:

Huge thank you, Algonquintripper! I assume your site numbering is going counterclockwise around the island?

Only if you're counting backwards, John.
I think you're following the highlighted canoe route. Don't. My numbering assumes you are bearing left from the 320m portage, keeping the island on your right.

Site #1 is on the north shore, just to the right of the 320m portage.
Site #2 is directly south of that on the east side of the island.
Site #3 is below that and just above the purported fishes.
Sites 4 & 5, the big conjoined sites, are the ones on the western end of the island, near the 225m portage.


Trip Planning » Little Island Lake » 1/01/2020 2:15 am

John McClane wrote:

Does anyone have any intell on the sites on Little Island Lake?

Not surprisingly, the words "little", "island" and "lake" produced A LOT of hits (even when searched as a phrase)!

Ah, One of my favourite little weekend getaways. It's not a big lake and it doesn't offer a lot of day-tripping options but great for some R&R. Jeff says there are fish in that lake but I fear they must know my boat.
I bushwhacked around the island once. Don't try it.There are no paths and it's pretty thick but I did come across a couple of old, long abandoned camps along the south side. That's always neat.

Site #1 -  Located on the north shore, to the right of the portage. I don't know anything about this one. I know I've paddled by but I assume I saw nothing that interested me enough to pull in. Note to self.

Site #2 -  The first island site. The area around the fire pit is open and you have a view of the night sky. Room for multiple tents. Open view to the east provides morning sun.

Site #3 - The best site on the lake. It's located on a point so while the main portion of the site gets the morning sun, there is a clearing on the south-west side of the site that receives sunlight for most of the afternoon as well. The site is flat with a nice bed of pine needles, has good water access for landing and swimming and a great view. While the center of the site is open allowing for sunning and stargazing, there are a number of large pines to the rear providing cover for tents. A kitchen area has been constructed to one side providing a large counter for food prep and a stable cooking area. Not something I particularly like to see but I'll use it if it's there.


Trip Planning » Growing up camping » 11/25/2019 8:34 pm

Congrats! Well done!


Skills » Knots » 11/25/2019 8:26 pm

These knot things have names?

I use a few but don't really know what they're called. Although one I use often I believe is called a
slip knot - one pull on the short end undoes it. I use it for my dog, my canoe. Basically whenever
something needs securing but no adjustment will be required.

MEC, in one of their recent emails about upcoming events, was advertising  a knot clinic. I can't remember when it was (it may be well past) but the date didn't work for me. It is something I was interested in taking, though.

Wildlife » (Insects) Gorgeous scarlet-vermillion colour bug » 11/06/2019 4:39 am

Roman_K2 wrote:

...I was astonished that something this colourful could exist as it would probably have had a maximum life expectancy of a few seconds!...

Actually I think it likely that the bright colour is what helps protects it. In the insect world, insects that are poisonous often advertise the fact.

Fishing » Do you ever boil trout? » 10/14/2019 4:33 pm

kkosik wrote:

...Second one was smaller (~13").  I gutted it, removed the head, then rubbed with oil and salt/pepper and  cooked on a grate over the fire.  The best part of this method is that all the bones pull right out when done...

This is how I usually do it but I often wrap them in foil (with butter salt & pepper) & put them in the coals rather than on the grill.

Catch-all Discussions » What Are These? » 9/13/2019 1:49 pm

According to Google Images, it's a tree!

It looks like it's meant to vent gas from the ground like you would find in a landfill. My best guess.

Catch-all Discussions » Midnight Tues. - monster electric storm in Toronto » 9/12/2019 3:06 am

Yes, that was pretty good. I'm a little south of you, near the Danforth. We lost power for about 5 minutes or so when what sounded like a transformer blew. Thumbs-up to Toronto Hydro for getting us rerouted so quick.

Hunkered down under my rain fly is no fun. You just pretend you're not getting wet.
But if you are nice a dry in your tent, thunderstorms are to be enjoyed. I have many a fond memory of being nice and cozy in my sleeping bag as a storm passes through. Flashes of lightning turning the night momentarially into day. Then the thunder would follow, rolling from across the lake becoming louder and louder as it draws ever closer. Then a crescendo of sound as it passes overhead like a wave crashing into the rocks at the base of a cliff.
Memories to be cherished. 

Trip Planning » Fall Tripping / Fall Colours - General Planning » 9/12/2019 2:23 am

What they said.

Also, I'm of the school of thought that you should always have a separate change of clothes for sleeping. 
Clothing worn during the day will, even though they seem to be dry, retain moisture that will chill you on those nights
that dip down into the single digits.

Trip Planning » Bonnechere Soloable? » 9/05/2019 8:39 pm

Steve E wrote:

Thanks for the info....I'd be putting in at one spot and likely walking back along the road to get back to wherever I park.  Might be one of those "wait and see what I can find when I get up" there kind of things

Oh, my favorite way to get into trouble!
(Teaser...Cache/Madawaska/Head, 2nd attempt - What could go wrong? TR when time allows)

Trip Planning » Provoking Lake » 8/17/2019 11:06 pm

ATVenture wrote:

My understanding is the sites will not be signed from the water but they should be easy enough to find from in a canoe.

I think the reason they are not signed is because I don't think the Park designates any specific sites for paddlers. They simply will only allow 3 reservations. Of course, not every site will have an appropriate landing.

Backcountry » Western UplandsTrail in Winter » 2/03/2019 3:06 am

Okicamping wrote:

Thanks. Last year the site said about 45cm, however, the snow on the trail was packed and didn't need snowshoes. I was just how the current trail conditions were.

Well, that could change pretty dramatically pretty quick.. Those in The GTA  can attest to that after this week, 
I don't think I would go anywhere backcountry without shoes.

Board footera

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