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Trip Reports » Bruce Lake September Solo » 9/17/2023 8:15 pm

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Wow that shoreline has really filled out since I visited the site in 2016. The place I used as a landing is completely overgrown and covered now. It's always interesting to see how campsites change over time.

Also congrats on your first solo!

Trip Planning » Canoe lake to Burntroot lake » 9/06/2023 9:05 am

I've done this route a few times and like Drew said, the best way is up through the Otterslides. The Sunbeam / White Trout route is very pretty, but definitely less enjoyable of a journey.

Day 1 Canoe to Otterslide. Day 2 Otterslide to Burntroot. If you have decent weather and don't mind some long days on the water it's totally doable.

There's a recent thread here asking about the same route:

I link to a few of my trip reports in my response in that thread.

Trip Planning » Magnetawan Lake Jump-Off Campsites - 1 permit, 3 campsites? » 8/25/2023 2:42 pm

Last I was aware there were 3 jump-off campsites at Mag access point, but the reservation system only issues 1 permit. Does anyone know why? Can I show up and occupy one of the 2 vacant sites the night before my trip? The night I'm looking for is already booked for the 1 permit.

Called the reservation line and they were no help. Called the Algonquin Park information line and it goes straight to voicemail (which has been the case for literally years now)

Trip Planning » Sept Solo to Burntroot » 8/24/2023 3:38 pm

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I've done this route a few times in mid-September with detailed trip reports you can check out:

The one titled "Trip of Six Islands" is probably my favourite canoe trip I've ever done.

What is "Trout" on Night 6? Big Trout or White Trout?

Personally I would do 3 nights on Big Trout instead of Burntroot; they're both beautiful lakes but something about Big Trout feels a bit more special to me.

Canoe > Little Otterslide > Big Trout > Burntroot x2 > Big Trout x2 > McIntosh x2.

Or... Canoe > Little Otterslide > Big Trout x2 > Burntroot x2 > White Trout > McIntosh x2

The northern island campsite on Red Pine Bay is one of my favourites in the park but its completely exposed so it's only good if you have good weather, otherwise it would be very non-ideal. If you have good weather, and if you can get that site, it would be worth it... but both of those are big toss ups so I'd probably play it safe and stick with either Burntroot or Big Trout instead.

I'd recommend getting on the water very early on your day to McIntosh, paddling through Grassy Bay during the early morning is very beautiful.

Watch out for the poison ivy on the 40m towards Red Pine Bay. There's lots of it and it overhangs onto the trail. I'd recommend wearing long shirt and pants even if it's hot out and then taking carefully taking them off after the portage is finished.

Trip Planning » Camps hoarding prime campsites on popular lakes all summer » 8/04/2023 9:56 am

I've heard of people suspecting this a few times before, from camps but also guided tour groups.
There was one time I suspected it myself, on Lake Louisa, but I had no way of confirming my suspicions.
It would be a pretty terrible thing to do.

Equipment » Idea for cold-weather sleeping... » 7/14/2023 4:32 pm

You need to be careful with Klymit R-Values. The non-insulated Static V is R 1.3. The insulated version of the Static V was originally rated at R 4.4 but once the ASTM standard got adopted, it became R 1.9. On the Klymit website they show both ratings but on lots of third party websites they just show the R 4.4, which is very misleading.

If you're interested, I made this Sleeping Pad Comparison Table that can be searched and filtered:

I have always used the non-insulated Static V, and have used it in temperatures just below freezing, but I've learnt that other people would call me crazy for doing that. I do have a very warm sleeping bag though. I recently upgraded to the Insulated Sea to Summit Ether Light, though I haven't actually brought it out on a trip yet.

Trip Planning » extra charge for interior camping » 5/14/2023 5:37 pm

The Regular Per Person rate has essentially stayed the same for the past decade, even though prices for everything else around us are inflating like crazy (including expenses for the park). If the park wants a couple extra bucks, I'd happily give it to them.

2013 Backcountry - $11.87 Per Person
2015 Backcountry  - $12.43 Per Person
2023 Backcountry  - $12.43 Per Person

.... just hoping the expensive flat rate per night model never actually happens.

Trip Planning » Portage Campsite Inventory » 5/03/2023 12:27 pm

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No offence Peek, but I believe admins of the subreddit have a responsibility to represent the community as a whole and the 7k members in the subreddit. I don't think posts should be disallowed or removed based on personal preferences. If they go against community policies or park rules that's another story, but filtering content to restrict access to information that helps people safely plan their trips, is contrary to representing the best interest of the community. On a personal website, sure, but the subreddit is meant to be a public forum. I didn't even notice that you removed my post until right now but it was clear from the number of upvotes, comments, and Gold award that the majority of people do appreciate having the content available.

Just my 2 cents.

As an admin you technically have the right to remove posts as you please but it will be sad if the Algonquin subreddit (which you know I am extremely active in) becomes a platform that represents individual opinions instead of representing the overall community.

Trip Planning » Portage Campsite Inventory » 5/03/2023 11:12 am

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We all got introduced to the outdoors by someone. I'm fortunate for that and I feel grateful if I can be the person that introduces camping to other people, the same way it was once introduced to me. For people that want the data about campsites, the data is there. For the people that don't want it, you can avoid it. In general, having more accessible information and data only helps introduce more people to the beautiful environment we have in our backyards. I personally disagree with the people that say these reports shouldn't exist and nice campsites should be kept secret (it hasn't been mentioned here yet, but I get those comments pretty often).

For all the comments about safety, children, elderly, disabilities, etc. that's one of the big reasons why I decided to start my own database of reports and my website in general. One of the big goals of my website is to try and educate and promote the right information for people starting their journey into the outdoors. I'd rather make all of the information available, including campsite reports, and then use my platform to promote LNT, proper etiquette, bear safety, the rules and regulations of the park, etc.

With the rise of digital platforms and social media, the information is going to exist one way or another. My personal belief is that if there are a few key platforms providing the information, and they do it responsibly, it's better than having inaccurate information scattered everywhere.

Trip Reports » November Hiking in Algonquin Park » 4/29/2023 5:17 pm

With a beautiful forecast for a full week in November, I had to squeeze in one more trip to Algonquin. Elo (my pup) had only been my adventure buddy for a few months, and I wasn't comfortable going into the backcountry with her in November since water temperatures can be fatally cold. Instead, we got a cabin at the Wolf Den Nature Retreat. We spent each day going into Algonquin Park doing various hikes and searching for wildlife before coming home to our cozy cabin.
Trip Video:
Written Trip Report:

Trip Planning » Rock to Louisa Portage- Cartable? » 4/14/2023 9:18 am

It's an easy portage relatively and there are some flat sections, but like others have mentioned there's plenty of terrain that I would not want to attempt with a cart.

Trip Planning » Water filtration on the Tim River between Queer and Shippagew » 4/11/2023 12:02 pm

Thanks guys. Last year I had this same route booked but I had a last minute change of heart and did a loop out of Kiosk instead. Hopefully I follow through with it this year

Trip Reports » Fall Camping with Elo at Rock Lake Campground (trip video) » 4/06/2023 1:51 pm

Sorry to hear that about your pup. Catching kennel cough at an access point seems very unlikely unless you're letting your dog play with other dogs. It sounds like you got really unlucky unfortunately. But good to hear it wasn't anything too serious.

Trip Planning » Water filtration on the Tim River between Queer and Shippagew » 4/05/2023 8:54 am

Thanks Rob. I plan on entering the river with a full Nalgene and filling the moment I get to Shippagew, so hopefully I don't need too much water for my one day in between. I don't care about taste or anything like that as long as it's physically safe to drink.

Boil > coffee filter into Nalgene > Aquatab. Sounds like that should be more than enough.

Trip Planning » Water filtration on the Tim River between Queer and Shippagew » 4/05/2023 8:19 am

I just booked a trip for the Tim River in September, I'll be staying one night at "Little Trout Creek" campsite, and one night at "Lower Pine R" campsite (I will likely choose the one mid-river, not at the portage).

How is the river water in those areas? I have a preference for using Aquatabs as my water filtration method. I don't own any pump/gravity filter.

Will Aquatabs be sufficient, or is the water too shallow and dirty? Will Aquatabs + boiling be sufficient? Is a pump and/or gravity filter a necessity?

Thanks in advance

Trip Reports » Fall Camping with Elo at Rock Lake Campground (trip video) » 4/05/2023 8:12 am

Here's another video from a trip report that was shared a little while back. 

Elo had gotten sick for a few weeks and we needed to cancel two back-to-back canoe trips. After the vet finally gave us the green light to go camping, I didn't want to risk bringing her into the backcountry, and coincidentally someone in the Algonquin Park Facebook group was cancelling their reservation at Rock Lake Campground... so I did something completely new to me and went car camping.

This trip was September 30th - October 2nd, 2022. We went back a few days later and stayed at a different campsite at Rock Lake (that video will be ready soon).

Direct link to video:
Written trip report:


EDIT to add Part 2 is up now as well

Direct link to video:
Written trip report:


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