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Trip Planning » Road closures affecting access points » 9/03/2021 7:27 pm

I could puke.  I could absolutely puke.  I wanted to take a particular route in the Fall of 2019, schedule/availability caused me to take a different route.  I wanted to take it Spring 2020.  COVID-cancelled.  Wanted to take it Fall of 2020.  COVID.  Spring 2021.  COVID.  Set it up for the 11th through the 14th of September 2021.  Woohoo!  Right up until two minutes ago.

Hello David,
Please be advised of the following closures that will impact your upcoming Algonquin Backcountry reservation:
Forestry Tower Road Closure impacting Access Point #3.
Algonquin Provincial Park has been made aware of a road closure outside of the Park that will affect your reservation. A bridge on route to your access point on Forestry Tower Road will be closed to all traffic from September 13th to September 17th.
Rain Lake Road Closure impacting Access Point #4 and #30.
Algonquin Provincial Park has been made aware of a road closure outside the Park that will affect your reservation. A bridge on route to your access point on Rain Lake Road will be closed to all traffic from September 27th – October 12th.
Please contact the call centre at 1-888-ONT-PARK (1-888-668-7275) at your earliest convenience to make penalty free changes to your reservation or to cancel for a full refund.
If you wish to modify your reservation, alternate options with similar features for your consideration could include the following access points: # 2 Tim River, # 1 Kawawaymog, #29 Kiosk, #28 Brain Lake, #27 Cedar Lake-Brent, or any available access point along the Hwy 60 corridor.   

Sell and Swap » Uberleben wood stove » 8/28/2021 1:03 pm

Terrific!  Shoot me a pm with an address and I will get it on the way!

Sell and Swap » Uberleben wood stove » 8/25/2021 3:58 pm

Hi - 
Last year I bought an Uberleben stove, thought I might use it instead of my little pocketrocket (or whatever they are called) stove. The Uberleben worked well, it just wasn't for me.  All the pieces are there, it goes together just fine, just a bit fire-stained.

If you'd like it, just shoot me a PM with your address and I'll ship it to you. I have some photos I could send you in a text, but they are on my phone so I can't really get them uploaded here. 

If you want to reimburse postage I won't stand in your way, but I'm not going to worry about it either if you are running short.  Cheapest shipping to Canada I can find is $28.50, within the U.S. it is around $8.00.  Again, I'm not worried about the shipping cost, consider it a little Algonquin Park-friendly behavior.  Just thinking somebody else should get some use out of it.

Also, somebody else please post something, ANYTHING within the "Equipment, Fitness, Skills and Ethics" area, because I'm presently the last poster in three of the four categories and that's kind of creepy.

Equipment » a BearVault question » 8/19/2021 8:18 am

Thanks very much for the replies!  My concern of course was " bearvault was never anywhere", and I was glad to see "but exactly where I left it."

Trip Planning » Dickson Lake » 8/18/2021 7:55 am

Uppa - can you hook a backpack on that third arm?  Just a thought.  Could turn Dickson into a destination lake.

Equipment » a BearVault question » 8/15/2021 8:02 pm

I've been thinking about a BearVault recently, and I've got a question I'm not seeing a clear answer to.

Do you still have to hang a food barrel?  I have used a Sea to Summit bag as a food sack for several years, I hang it overnight (a hateful chore).  I've never had an animal big or small get after my food sack, I suppose in part due to my incredible expertise at hanging, and in part because it is mostly dry goods that don't give off much scent.  The most scented thing I will have is some bagged up orange peels or the empty rinsed pouch from dehydrated meals.

Anyway, if the idea is that you still hang it, then I'll probably stick with my food sack.  If not, then maybe a BearVault 450 or 500.  I keep thinking that if I don't hang it, the following morning I may or may not find it.

Photos and Videos To Share » A Few Magic Mushrooms » 8/13/2021 10:27 am

You are a talented man, Steve.  Gorgeous.

Trip Reports » Tom Thomson with the family » 8/11/2021 10:42 pm

Drew, that was a fun writeup.  I shared a few tidbits with my wife, you might be slowly developing a new fan.  She enjoyed your concerns over the trees at the campsite you were afraid might come to life and eat you.  I was pleased to see you enjoyed your aerial tent, because that's on my list of I-know-darn-well-I'm-going-to-cave-but-I-keep-telling-myself-I'm-just-thinking-about-it.

Relative to your comment above about worrying on things....I've had a handful of trips where I was in the tour coordinator position.  You can't control the weather, or when somebody makes a mistep, or even when somebody doesn't allow their dehydrated dinner to rehydrate all the way, or how well somebody sleeps, yet it all weighs on you somehow.  Your enjoyment is found in their enjoyment of the trip.  On one trip we brought our daughter's best friend with us, when the girls were 16 or 17.  My trip report was a called "A River Runs Through it" because the portages were ridiculous that way.  There was a lot of misery on that trip, but some great moments as well.  At the time I could only feel the misery the others must have felt.  At the end of the trip, I asked my daughters' friend if she enjoyed the trip, and she said "10 out of 10, would recommend."  That really pumped my tires, and helped me start reflecting positively on our trip, which really was a great one.  but those portages....

Trip Planning » Club Lake » 8/07/2021 12:43 pm

Fsmith- the reason mink is the choice is because club is a heavily lily-padded body of water.

Trip Planning » Magic 8-Ball points to "Maybe" for a Fall trip » 8/04/2021 12:03 pm

Thanks for that update.  Like the man said, "changes aren't permanent, but change is."

Going to have to keep an eye on this for changes!

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 505 » 8/04/2021 8:09 am

I think I've been the right guesser about 5 times in 5 years or something like that, and every time I post a WIA...well, this one lasted about as long as my others.  Little Doe it is, right across from the narrows entrance to Tom Thomson.

You're up, MoreSmores.

Where In Algonquin? » WIA 505 » 8/03/2021 8:28 pm

Taken from a campsite, Spring 2019.

Where In Algonquin? » 504 » 8/03/2021 12:06 pm

Not to brag
, but that's where I peed on the moose that gave me my handle
.  (just a quick reassurance for those who don't know the story that I wasn't chasing a moose around that I didn't know I was doing it until it was too late)

Where In Algonquin? » 504 » 8/03/2021 9:57 am

Ian, is that Hambone from Magnetawan?  It resembles it in some ways, but not in others.  I almost feel like it is Magnetawan from Hambone, except that it would have to be pretty late afternoon for the sun to be there, and I don't remember a rockface on the right like that.

Trip Planning » Magic 8-Ball points to "Maybe" for a Fall trip » 8/03/2021 9:52 am

With the border opening, I set up a reservation for a trip I've wanted to take for a few years now.  Magnetawan through to Mubwayaka, from there, over a very long portage to Longbow, from there down Tim to Little Trout, then out.  A four day on-the-move trip, that includes a couple of portages that will test my mettle and a river that will test my patience with beaver dams.

The planning for this is unique because the border situation is so different.  To enter Canada:
1) Upload proof of vaccination to "ArriveCAN"
2) Take a pre-entry COVID test w/in 72 hours of arrival and have results with me (can't be an antigen test).
3) Arrival Test - have to create an online account for this in advance.  In some locations I THINK you take the test right there at the border, at other locations you buy a home test kit that meets certain criteria and take it with you, then self administer at the border.  I'm crossing the Peace Bridge, which apparently has a test facility, but I'm not sure of their hours of operation and I'm crossing at about 4:30am.  Also not sure if it is mandatory or random check.  Gotta figure that out.
4) Use ArriveCAN to submit travel details "up to" or "within" 72 hours of travel, depending on which part of the border website you look at.  Gotta figure that out.

Returning to the U.S.:
1) I can't figure it out.  It is unclear to me if I have to take an entry test upon returning to the U.S., if I have to test in Canada and have results in hand on the drive back, or if I just show up at the border and answer questions.

If the Canadian Border Protection website can be described as an endless loop (because it is), then then U.S. Border Protection website can be described as a broken circle (because it is).

All the while, I'm wondering if the Delta variant is going to kill this trip anyway.  Plus I'm disappointed, and somewhat embarrassed that (after all the whining by politicians here about getting the border opened) the U.S. is not joining Canada in

Trip Planning » 75%. This could take a while » 7/20/2021 12:13 pm

I read the quarantine requirements.  Don't remember exactly, but off the top of my head they were along these lines: isolation from others for whatever period of time, in a place where you have access to food, water, and sanitation.  

It did occur to me that there is a certain irony in that camping could just about meet the criteria as a form of quarantining.  I think that quarantining also included access to medical care if it turned out you needed it, but I don't remember.

Trip Planning » 75%. This could take a while » 7/20/2021 9:08 am

I saw that!  Delighted to hear, but I am disappointed that the U.S. has not reciprocated.

This could still get interesting for trying a canoe trip. 
1) have to be fully vaccinated.  No problem there.  
2) you have to have a COVID test within 72 hours of crossing the border.  OK, can manage that.
3) Random COVID testing at the border.  OK.  Roll the dice on what I assume is the rapid-test.  I guess if that happens and I come back positive with a breakthrough case they'd have me turn the car around and go back home.
4) Fully vaccinated travelers who "meet specific criteria" will not have to quarantine.  Gotta find out the criteria.
5) All travellers must still provide a quarantine plan and be prepared to quarantine if it is determined that you don't meet the criteria.  Gotta find out the criteria.  also, what quarantine plan could I possibly come up with?  Imagine crossing the border at 4:30am, and the customs agent says "you don't meet the criteria, so you have to quarantine for X days".  I think my quarantine plan would be to turn the car around, because any quarantining would end the canoe trip immediately.  If that were to happen, I guess I'm lucky I live about a half hour from the border and not hours away from the border.

The quarantine plan kind of bothers me.  I want to have something in place if I can, just so I'm following the rules as closely as I can, but for real, if I get told I need to quarantine before continuing with the canoe trip, the canoe trip is over, so in a practical sense there's no reason for me to go to the trouble of working out a quarantine plan.


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