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Catch-all Discussions » Sad news from Big Trout Lake » 7/06/2017 7:54 pm

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Judging from the campsite video ,they weren't swimming off a beach. Park lakes are known for their drop off and shelves ( speaking as a fisherman ) .You can be in chest deep water ,move a few metres and be over your head and then some. Figure that's what happened to the kid. Way too remote a trip for kids such as these. 
His father on tv said he couldn't swim and didn't take any swim test . School board rep said all the kids did and passed. Time to call the lawyers ! 

Trip Planning » SNOW????????????????????? » 5/06/2017 8:46 am

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I'd like to agree with the dancing part but I've spent too many a miserable day in the park in early spring. It can get pretty trying with  the wind and cold. Hopefully one is carrying enough liquor and other 'things' to deaden the misery . Suffering right now with a very bad foot that will keep me out of the park for probably the whole season and maybe permanently . 

Board footera

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