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5/01/2017 1:37 pm  #1

Interesting video

Not Algonquin Park specific ..... still fascinating to see the connection from top to bottom of the food chain .
Many variables between Algonquin and Yellowstone .... Timber wolves vs Eastern ( Algonquin ) Wolves, hunting , geography , fire suppression / forest management , to name a few .
Still fascinating to see the connection .
Like many others , since a young lad standing along Highway 60 for the wolf howls back in the 70's ........have long been interested in wolves .
Next time I see or hear one in Algonquin , I'll be reminded of their impact !
A minor detail in the video , Elk referred to as deer


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5/01/2017 10:43 pm  #2

Re: Interesting video

Technically Elk are a member of the biological family cervidae which are referred to as deer, but it never seems right to me either.

The first mountain range shown in the video is the Grand Tetons which is most definitely outside of Yellowstone National Park.

Regardless of minor errors and erroneous broad generalities, it is a wondrous place and phenomenal transformation when nature approaches a "natural" state. The American west is worthy of many weeks to explore, some have been bitten by its bug and spent a lifetime enjoying it.


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