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4/28/2018 6:29 am  #1

Thoughts on Langford Nahanni?

I am thinking about buying a used Langford Nahanni. It is 16'5" and kevlar, weighing in around 49 pounds, likely a little more than advertised weight due to added skid plates, etc. The longest trip we take each year is 5 nights and mostly flat water. Occasionally, if we are in a bind, we will duff the odd numbered person in the middle for a trip, plus our gear. We've added a third in 16' boats several times before (Old Town Discovery). Seeing I'm from Vermont, I'm not as familiar with this Canadian brand. We also portage a fair amount. Basically, I'm looking for a good work horse, that I don't need to treat like a china doll, that can handle a third or large load, and doesn't kill my names on the long hikes. Thoughts?


4/28/2018 6:25 pm  #2

Re: Thoughts on Langford Nahanni?

The Nahanni is an excellent boat. I love Swift's, my personal boat is a cedar strip Winisk,. but back when I used to rent, I always grabbed a Kipiwa, a great all around tripping boat. The Nahanni (good good friend owns one) I found to be more refined, and it was definitely a bit faster, although the kip isn't slow. If you can get a deal on it and its in decent shape I would grab it fast.



4/29/2018 7:51 am  #3

Re: Thoughts on Langford Nahanni?

It’s the same hull design as the Kipiwa but with a flare at the gunwales that helps keep splash back out but makes your paddle stroke a tiny bit more reach(you won’t notice unless you paddle them one after the other). It’s a great boat and perfect for what you’re talking about. Just ensure it’s been well cared for if used.


4/29/2018 10:57 am  #4

Re: Thoughts on Langford Nahanni?

skid plates and other unnecessary on flatwater trips improvements can be pricey. I had second hand Kipawa from Algonquin Outfitters rental fleet that gained over 10 lbs by these enforcements. of course on whitewater we felt reasonably safe.


4/29/2018 12:34 pm  #5

Re: Thoughts on Langford Nahanni?

Skid plates are a sign that the canoe came from an outfitter fleet. They’re mandatory on a rental if you want it to last a season.


5/02/2018 5:29 pm  #6

Re: Thoughts on Langford Nahanni?

So the used one fell through, so I pulled the trigger and treated myself to a new Langford Prospector 17'4" carbon fiber with wood gunnels. We don't see any Langford's in the US, but now I'm totally sold on the company. I pick it up from the factory in Quebec on May 14th. Just in time for our trip in Algonquin on the 15th. So psyched. 

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5/02/2018 8:14 pm  #7

Re: Thoughts on Langford Nahanni?

I picked up an ultralight nahanni about 10 yrs ago used. It was a former rental. Has been a good tandem canoe. Can't go wrong with a new purchase


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