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8/12/2017 8:28 pm  #1

Curious of a Tom Thomson painting in Algonquin ?

Came upon a Tom Thomson painting I hadn't seen before ...... The Fisherman ( 1916-1917 )


It resides in the Art Gallery of Alberta .

Have enjoyed reading Bob and Diana McElroy's Bush log in particular ,  the recent Tom Thomson , East side paintings , sketches and possible locations during his stay in the summer of 1916.

Not wanting ta draw any conclusions of course , just curious and wanting ta throw it out fer discussion .

What struck my curiosity and  the similarity with the painting ...... was a post last year of pictures from High Falls , along the Little Bonnechere .


A picture that Martin G. posted on the same thread

An archived picture of High Falls , back in the day Tom Thomson may have seen it ?


A  little tid-bit of curiosity from Roy Macgregor's book " Northern Light "
Chapter 5 , War ........ " Summer of 1916 , Best Summer Ever Was Known "
" Each week he went by canoe and tote road to Basin Depot to pick up supplies and mail "

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8/14/2017 6:02 pm  #2

Re: Curious of a Tom Thomson painting in Algonquin ?

Looks very similar to the area but the falls in the last image look higher than High Falls in the Basin area. I was there yesterday with EGB fishin' the hole.

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8/14/2017 9:06 pm  #3

Re: Curious of a Tom Thomson painting in Algonquin ?

Interesting ..... have thought that myself , having been there many times over the years .
The last picture is from Rory Mackay's book ... " Spirits of the Little Bonnechere "  ..... page 104 , Algonquin Park Museum Archives 3720 ( Blanche McGuey )
It is High Falls on the Little Bonnechere .... just down the road from the Basin Depot .

The falls sure look higher , depending on the angle of the picture , or one's eye ?

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