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3/31/2017 6:59 am  #1

Gift Idea

A while ago my older daughter asked me which was my favourite lake in the park. I could have chosen a deep interior gem, but I chose Pen Lake as it has been my favourite when taking new-comers backcountry. I asked her why she wanted to know. "Just curious." she said.

Then last week when she popped-in on my birthday, she said that my birthday present would be arriving in a few days. Low-and-behold yesterday my gift arrived by courier .. an 8x10" depth-contour rendering of Pen Lake (ready for framing). There's the white card cut for the shoreline and three blue cards cut for different depth 'levels' and a fourth dark blue card for the deepest areas.

Thought I'd share it with the forum as a different gift idea. I included the enclosed business card in the scan, so "Cardtography" can get a free plug.




3/31/2017 12:32 pm  #2

Re: Gift Idea

That is beautiful!  What a special idea!


3/31/2017 7:33 pm  #3


3/31/2017 9:16 pm  #4

Re: Gift Idea

Happy Belated, Barry


4/01/2017 7:58 am  #5

Re: Gift Idea

Beautiful...and Pen holds a very special place in my heart as well as the lake that got me hooked to backcountry camping.


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