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1/01/2017 7:00 pm  #1

Wallpapers for phones - new subsection started in website ...

I've started-up a new subsection in the website's Photography section. The link to it now shows-up in the Photography section's leftside menu ... http://www.algonquinadventures.com/photos/PhotosIndex.htm

Or you can go to it directly ... http://www.algonquinadventures.com/wallpaper/phones/wp-phones.htm

Right now, there's only a half dozen wallpapers available .. three from Steve Elms and three from myself.

If you have two or three, of which you're particularly proud, submit them to me by email along with your complete name, so you can be properly credited. (9:16 ratio for smart-phones, with a minimum size of 1080 x 1920 pixels).


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