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11/29/2016 1:56 pm  #1

Favourite Piece of Equipment

Well, Christmas season is here and people are beginning to ask about Christmas gifts. I've always found Christmas to be an excellent time to upgrade and expand my camping arsenal. I'm quickly coming to a point though where I feel as though I have most or all of the basics. I'm sure, however, that I'm missing something, or that there are things that would benefit from an upgrade. With that being said, what is your favourite piece of camping gear? What do you love showing off to your camping buddies when you are in the woods?

For me, one of my favorite pieces of gear is my Platypus Gravityworks Filter. I love that it takes zero effort to have a nice, good tasting bag of water hanging from a tree for whatever needs might arise.


11/29/2016 3:09 pm  #2

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

Probably my Helinox chair. If you don't have one yet Xmas is the perfect time to splurge. You'll wonder why you went that long without one. I bring it everywhere (kids soccer games, etc...) and not just backcountry, 


11/29/2016 3:25 pm  #3

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

Ditto on the gravity filter..never go back to pumping..

Off the top of my head

CCS pack I got this year.. you will have to pry it from my cold dead hands.
No idea how it does it but makes the same amount of weight feel way lighter and it's bullet proof. My son or daughter will be passing it on to one of their kids

I've only used it 4 times so far so grain of salt but so far one of my favourites for sure.

I have the Pioneer version http://www.shop.cookecustomsewing.com/product.sc?productId=193&categoryId=2

And this quilt is near the top as well.Had it for 3 years now  so unreserved reco on it.i have the -12 C version.



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11/29/2016 7:11 pm  #4

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

Have a CCS as well going on 3-4 years now. Thing is bombproof. My camping buddy bought one as well this year after hearing me sing its praises.


11/29/2016 8:39 pm  #5

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

Can't camp without my GSI 4 cup espresso maker. Any regular grind and coffee is ready in minutes.


11/29/2016 9:45 pm  #6

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

RCSpartan wrote:

Have a CCS as well going on 3-4 years now. Thing is bombproof. My camping buddy bought one as well this year after hearing me sing its praises.

With two people praising this bag I am now intrigued. I currently pack my gear into the MEC Serratus 85, and truth be told I hate it. I wouldn't mind finding a new bag for my tripping. Obviously the CCS is quite a different style, but do you fit all of your gear (tent and sleeping bag included) inside of it? Shawn mentioned the Pioneer size, but what one do you use RCSpartan?

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11/29/2016 10:08 pm  #7

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

The Pioneer is about 85 L so same as your current pack. Easily fits all my gear on solo trips with room left over.

CCS 15% off sale ends Dec 3 :-)

Expensive pack especially with the exchange rate but outside of your canoe, shelter and sleeping bag it might be your most important piece of gear if you portage a lot and long distances.  Not an area to go cheap on in my opinion.

Cry once Buy once.

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11/30/2016 7:37 am  #8

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

Man, what a tough question! I love ALL my gear http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/grin.png

- 100% agreed on the Platypus filter. Everyone who sees mine (even the grizzled veterans) admire it.
- I'm going to put my JetBoil on the list, too. A bit too bulky and a bit too heavy but solid and reliable.

Hope Santa gets you some great camping gear for Christmas! I'm asking for a Camillus Les Stroud Mountain knife, now available at Sail. Not because I need another knife but it would be cool to have one of Les's. I'll just have to be careful not to pack both my Bear Grylls Ultimate Knife and the Les Stroud knife in the same pack lest a fight break out.

Merry Christmas everyone.


11/30/2016 7:51 am  #9

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

@Shawn is your CCS pack a dry pack?


11/30/2016 8:23 am  #10

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

Hey Martin. So no it isn't a dry bag. Was my one reservation in moving to this kind of a bag..outside of the price.

I can tell you this though. One of my first few trips with it I was caught in a huge downpour paddling across North Tea. Had to stop half way over and dump my canoe out it was coming down so hard. Short of falling in the lake the bag isn't going to get any wetter. Stuff inside still stayed relatively dry and I have always used dry bags for my sleep system etc no matter if it's inside a larger dry bag or not. So that important stuff was all perfectly dry.

Have thought about adding an eVent bag liner. Granite Gear makes some but I think a lot of people just use contractor bags without issue. Won't be as breathable but I might try that first.

Sea to Summit also makes an Silnylon pack liner.. large I think is up to 90L. Option as well.

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11/30/2016 9:40 am  #11

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

I have such attachments to my gear. Good gear can bring me such joy and comfort. I love my Vasque Breeze hiking boots. They keep my feet dry and I don't get overheated. But, mostly they just make me feel like I can go anywhere and do anything. 

I also am very attached to my new MEC Aqualinia sleeping bag. It's so soft inside and keeps me cozy. And the price/weight/warmth ratio was a real bonus.

I also can't seem to go camping without a buff. It's either on my head as a hat or hair band or its stuck in the waist of my pants or pocket for whatever I need it for (hand towel, for across my neck when portaging, to spray with insect repellent, etc). It's almost a bit of a camping security blanket.



11/30/2016 12:35 pm  #12

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

This won't help the Christmas lists of anyone very much, but: 
the Helinox camp chair. The sleeping tuque that I can pull all the way down to my mouth (indispensable for a baldy....sometimes even in summer).  The canoe (we have terrific conversations).  The elbow tendonitis brace thing.


11/30/2016 1:42 pm  #13

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

I second the Gravity Filter.  I know it doesn't help you much, but wow.  It IS a game changer that's for sure.
If you don't have a SilTarp (3 man I believe it's 10x10) is one of my most favourite things to put up and show off.  It's light weight, easily drys, and I find it's easy to put up.
The buff is a great one, I just got one last Christmas and couldn't have been happier during the 13 day trip I had up to Woodland Caribou.

Love the thread choice here


11/30/2016 3:25 pm  #14

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

I have a few!

1.  I saved for years for my Feathered Friends Snowy Owl and it is AMAZING for those cold Algonquin nights...

2.  MEC Expedition Booties - these are so nice to change into after a day of hiking or snowshoeing.  Super warm and very comfy for around camp.

3. ENO Doublenest Hammock - I take this thing everywhere.  Makes a great chair to hang out in and a super comfy place to sleep


11/30/2016 3:46 pm  #15

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

Without a doubt for me it is the firebox stove and the agawa canyon boreal 21folding bow saw.  The firebox stove is not light but it works great with wood or a trangia alcohol stove.  The boreal 21 saw is incredible.  Very light, folds down to nothing, easy to assemble, and cuts through anything with minimal effort.


12/01/2016 12:52 am  #16

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

Favourite Piece of Equipment?
That would have to be my Sherpa, Lakhpa. Got him when I decided Ultralight Backpacking wasn't for me.
I love my luxury items. 



12/01/2016 7:53 am  #17

Re: Favourite Piece of Equipment

LOL on the sherpa. Joke aside, they are amazing people!

Nobody is getting younger, so any lightweight equipment that makes my trip easy and comfy is on top of the list:
- Carbon layout Keewaydin 16ft
- Sea-to-Summit Comfort plus sleep pad
- Platypus gravity water filter
- Helinox chair

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