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9/04/2016 9:50 pm  #1

Trout Parasites (don't look if you have a weak stomach....seriously)

When I'm in Algonquin on a warm August morning cleaning trout, I don't typically spend too much time examining the guts and entrails.....but this time the "guts" started moving.....
The vermicelli noodles you're seeing on the paper towel are actually a writhing mass of Cystidicola farionis, a type of nematode, they came out of the lake trout's swim bladder when I punctured it and started crawling away.  This was a new experience for me and I like to think I've done my fair share of fishing over the years.  What I came to realize in researching my new friends here, is that most of the trout in Algonquin are afflicted by anywhere up to half a dozen different parasites.  I've probably encountered them and other creepy crawlies many times and either missed them entirely or just assumed I was looking at an unidentified organ.  The good news is that most of the parasites affecting trout spend their time in the guts and body cavity, instead of the meat, if they are in the meat you'll see the cyst pretty quickly.  Anyways, the fish looked healthy and after thoroughly cleaning the meat, I had a tasty breakfast.  Of course, I'd be kidding myself if I wasn't a little bit curious to find out what the squigglies were and if they could somehow infect me.  My gut instinct (bad joke, I know) tells me these things wouldn't find a suitable replacement for a swim bladder in my body.  In any event, if I blow my nose over the next few weeks and then watch the kleenex crawl away, I'll at least know what to call them....



9/13/2016 10:41 am  #2

Re: Trout Parasites (don't look if you have a weak stomach....seriously)

Yuck!! I've certainly seen my fair share of parasites in bass and perch fillets but never seen anything like that before.


9/17/2016 10:27 am  #3

Re: Trout Parasites (don't look if you have a weak stomach....seriously)

  kinda looks like pasta.


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