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8/23/2016 7:38 pm  #1

Algonquin wolves

An article from a local paper up the line ....Eh
Curious ta hear of any sightings this year  , has a black wolf danced fer an eye ta see ?
Always amazed to see such things .... a few pictures , that have been posted before .http://i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb425/JAConnelly/DSC04445%20Medium.jpg



8/23/2016 10:58 pm  #2

Re: Algonquin wolves

Having been to several successful wolf howls and witnessed a handful of sightings when I worked in the park it's very sad to me that we may see the end of the algonquin wolf in my lifetime. There is no easy solution but I hope the upgrade to threatened status sees them protected enough that my grand kids will be able to enjoy their howls.


8/24/2016 5:54 pm  #3

Re: Algonquin wolves

To be clear of course this status upgrade has nothing to do with wolves inside Algonquin, but with the eastern (aka Algonquin) wolf more broadly in Ontario; the article even notes the park as an exception pretty much.

For what it's worth, the province is already proposing stronger protections for eastern wolves in the form of more wolf/coyote no-hunting zones, these ones surrounding Killarney, Queen Elizabeth II Wildands, and Kawartha Highlands PPs, with that last one connecting to the existing one that surrounds Algonquin: see proposal and map.


8/24/2016 9:41 pm  #4

Re: Algonquin wolves

To be even clearer , Algonquin wolves leave the park ever year as they follow the mass exodus of Algonquin deer , to the deer yards @ Round Lake .
The John and Mary Thiberge study shows this quite clearly .

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