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11/29/2018 8:56 pm  #1

Policy change: 1st Friday in May is the new 4th Friday in April

Seems the park has decided to stop accepting advance reservations for the period they consistently cancel them for anyway. The backcountry will still be open for camping as soon as they decide conditions allow, but if that's before the first Friday in May, permits will be first-come-first-served just like in the late fall. The following has been posted on the Algonquin Provincial Park facebook page and the Algonquin page of the Ontario Parks website (yet so far nothing on the FOAP website):

----Update to Spring Reservations in Algonquin
Over the past 5 years, inaccessible roads and unsafe ice conditions in many locations have delayed the spring backcountry reservations and the opening of some campground locations within Algonquin. This traditional weekend date has coincided with the spring opening date of the trout fishing season in Algonquin, which has motivated many users to access the backcountry. In response to persistent late winter conditions, Ontario Parks has modified the reservation window for backcountry camping and hiking as well as some campgrounds for spring 2019. 

Reservations can be made up to five months in advance for arrival dates starting with the first Friday in May (May 3 in 2019), rather than the fourth Friday in April. If conditions permit, we will allow access to the backcountry and select campgrounds for April 26th, 2019, on a first come, first-served basis. In some locations, the backcountry may be accessed as a day-use area once trout season opens. This change to our reservation will impact the following backcountry and campground locations: Canoeing or backpacking camping, and all Ranger Cabins. 

The following northern Access Points: Kiosk, Brent and Achray
The following Highway 60 Corridor Campgrounds: Rock Lake, Tea Lake and Mew Lake (please note that sites 1-33 and the yurts remain reservable year-round in Mew Lake campground). If you have comments, questions or concerns, you may send them directly to ontarioparks.com/contactWe appreciate your patience and understanding the challenges of a wilderness landscape.

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11/30/2018 6:55 am  #2

Re: Policy change: 1st Friday in May is the new 4th Friday in April

It's a reasonable step to take, in my opinion.  It alleviates a great deal of labor and stress on human resources to handle what is typically a relatively lower number but highly enthusiastic set of Algonquin users.  For folks like me who have a 10 or 11 hour drive, it makes it a little tougher because I can't just pick up and go at the drop of a hat...but that is what you get in the shoulder seasons so that's what you deal with. 


11/30/2018 9:54 am  #3

Re: Policy change: 1st Friday in May is the new 4th Friday in April

Looks like a fairly sensible move. I'm sure that cancelling reservations and refunding or offering no charge changes has been costing the park money. 


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