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10/09/2018 3:54 pm  #1

Fall fishing Ragged/Parkside Bay

What is the fall Bass fishing like in Ragged/Parkside Bay? Trying to decide whether to bring a rod.


10/11/2018 4:02 pm  #2

Re: Fall fishing Ragged/Parkside Bay

Did an October trip into Parkside in October, 2012 with my son. It was the best fall colour I've ever seen. The fishing, not as exciting. We trolled around the shorelines and points of Parkside and caught 2 or 3 smallmouth. We had to work for them. Perhaps the fishing can be better, but I've not returned there to try again.


10/13/2018 6:28 am  #3

Re: Fall fishing Ragged/Parkside Bay

I think as the water cools down bass and pike are less and less aggressive/hungry. 
Both last year and the year before I tried many, many hours in the Crotch/Booth area for bass and pike in the late fall and got completely skunked in the summer where I was fishing its almost an every cast you get something deal.


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